How many of us can relate to the childhood our kids are experiencing thesedays? 

Not me, it’s vastly different to how we spent our childhoods. Playing outside and riding our bikes after school without a single head down, staring at a screen. Our entertainment came from what we could find outside of the house. We spent a significant portion of our childhood outside in nature, and we loved it!

Our kids don’t do this as we did; they seem disconnected from nature.

Now I am getting older, I can have these lovely nostalgic memories, but we need to be aware of how our planet is growing old too. Actually, we’ll see how we are forcing it into early retirement. It makes me sad how our future generations will not know nature’s gems like the Amazon Rainforest because of fires for deforestation. 

If you’re on the internet and you don’t know?? 

Well, which digital rock are you living under? 

Let me give you a little 101 on the importance of the Amazon Rainforest. 

Did you know that the Amazon Rainforest is also known as the “lungs of the earth”? Like LITERALLY! Amazon Rainforest sequesters a majority of the carbon dioxide of the planet and collects some of it in its soil, also called the carbon sink. The rest is transformed into oxygen and sent out for you and I to breathe happily away. 

The rainforest also has its own moisture regulation system whereby it allows water vapours produced during transpiration (plants breathing mechanism) to circulate on to various parts of the world. The locals call that phenomenon “atmospheric rivers,” basically on the top of everything; the rainforest is also our air conditioning system.

According to WWF, it houses around 10% of global species of plants and animals or simply put 1 in every 10 species in the world lives in the amazon! Let that sink in! 

What’s happening lately? 

Experts say deforestation + practice of slash & burn + global warming set ablaze this beautiful ecosystem. Just for clarity, during a slash-and-burn people cut down small areas of forest, allow it to dry out and then set the remains on fire to make room for other developments or agriculture.

These fires are not only destroying millions of trees but also millions of habitats for so many known and yet unknown species of animals and plants. Smoke clouds from the fires are in turn adding to the carbon dioxide content into our environment, aggravating the greenhouse effect and worsening global warming. 

You guys! If this is not nature’s cry for help, I don’t know what is. 

On a personal level, what breaks my heart is the conscious realization that while I love my animals to bits, I know now that on the other side of the world, animals are suffering. Several species are burning and enduring pain, fleeing their homes and leaving behind their babies and eggs, to survive. In Australia, we respect our indigenous tribes, and it pains me to see that several Amazon Indigenous tribes, who have preserved their culture and traditions for generations are being affected, disrespected and forced to flee. 

All of this begs the question that, what can we do sitting here to send help all the way? 

Take a deep breath (again wouldn’t be possible without our natural ecosystems like the Amazon).

 Here are a few steps we can take!

 1. Donate!

The Rain Forest Action works at the intersection of preserving rainforests, protecting the climate, and upholding human rights through corporate accountability. Its Protect an Acre program helps secure land to protect it against deforestation, thus saving numerous habitats. Similarly, The Amazon watch supports the native populations by defending their rights and assisting them against deforestation. 

2. Make some noise! Sign those petitions!

Petitions like Green Peace and those for rain forest protection are also an attempt to help sustain the narrative of environmental responsibility! Make noise, use hashtags, re-tweet, and help build a digital narrative (Internet is a space where everyone dwells, right?).

3. Use less paper and wood!

We can decrease our consumption of paper and wood by making small changes, carry your own grocery bag, bring your own reusable cup and straws. Be more consistent with recycling. 

4. Educate yourself, talk about it & take actions at a personal level!

We need to educate ourselves on how our daily activities impact the environment in the long run. We need to communicate the vitality of preserving nature to our children. We need to talk to our friends and acquaintances about the significance of communicating and sharing this knowledge further. 

ACTsmart business expo was a great venue structured around such discussions and actions in Canberra.

5. Be more sustainable in our living! 

These are indirectly related to the Amazon fires being facilitators of global warming – switch off the power when not in use. Turn off that tap when you’re brushing your teeth! If you can opt for more organic living, that’s the way forward. It’s about adopting a lifestyle for change. 

6. Last but not least! 

As a blogger, I always endeavour to better myself and support my family’s journey to sustainably living a more holistic life. I document this journey so more people who are looking for that straw to hold onto, as our Mother Earth struggles, get the guidance and inspiration. I strive to create a chemical-free and nontoxic home. Feel free to become a part of my journey and subscribe to my monthly newsletter. If you feel as strongly as I do about the impact of individual lives on the life of our planet; are wanting to make a change; looking for a little inspo / nudge in the right direction, please subscribe and stay upto date.

Seemingly small changes now will help to slow the ageing process of mother earth in the long run. We owe this to our children and their future generations to act now! 

If all you have time to do today is spread the word, please feel free to share this post! Help me keep the conversation going.

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