Coming up with new ideas and fresh perspectives for your blog is vital. Some weeks the creativity and inspiration come at you from all areas of your life. Other weeks it can feel as if you will NEVER have a new idea and it’s time to give this whole blogging thing a miss.

Don’t panic!

It happens to every single blogger time and time again. The trick is not to get yourself all tied into knots and spiralling out of control. The first thing I always do is get myself away from my keyboard and into some activities that I know will get me back into my groove.

So, what do I do?

I try one or more of the following. If I am really stuck, I might try them all!

  • Read print material. The online world can suck you in for hours. Videos of cats falling off coffee tables and friend requests from friends you haven’t seen since high school can stifle your creative juices and steal precious time you need for your blog. Take yourself offline. I adore magazines, cookbooks, non-fiction and quality fiction books. I still get my local newspaper delivered every day and the national newspapers delivered on the weekends. I find reading a variety of material always gives me plethora of ideas and inspiration. A good tip is to have a pen a paper lying around when you are doing this to take notes. I often keep notes in my phone, but if I pick up my phone when I’m reading print material I get sucked into my phone and it completely defeats the purpose.


  • Ask friends for ideas. If we are lucky enough to have friends that read and enjoy our blog it’s always a good idea to ask them what they would want to see and read on your blog. It can be a goldmine of inspiration.


  • Read your comments. Reading through the comments left on your blog posts will give you an indication of what posts have had a positive reaction. If they inspired a reader to take the time and leave you a comment it’s a good indication that you should try and create something like that again. The same goes for comments on your social media or questions people have asked online.


  • If you are a visual creature Pinterest can be a vast source of inspiration. It’s a bloggers dream. Images, links, catchy headings, everything is inspiring. To maximise my Pinterest boards and to actively share my pins with other bloggers in my niche I created a Tailwind Group. I created a group for all the Organic and Chemical Free bloggers out in Pinterest land who wanted to share their pins with each other. This group is a never end source of inspiration for me.


  • Solve a problem. One of the greatest blogging tips I received was to write blogs that solve others problems. What do you do or what advice can you give that can help someone else? I love to create organic recipes and talk about making healthier choices in my home by avoiding toxins and chemicals. Write out 10 things that would help someone and use them as a framework for writing posts.


  • Read other blogs in your niche. Never copy but get informed about what’s happening in you niche. What’s trending? What have other bloggers had success with? Do you have a different take on it? What stands out for the wrong reasons? Could you do it better? I have a list of blogs I adore and resonate with, I enjoy reading through what they have to share and I love looking at the images they post. It always motivates me to create content that I am proud of and share with my wonderful followers.

Never give up on blogging because you are feeling stuck for inspiration, look for another way to get inspired. If you need help, leave me a comment below and I will happily pop over to your blog and read what you are sharing and give you some ideas that might help.

Happy Blogging!

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