As I was basking in the warm sun on a magnificent Maui beach, with sand covered toes and a headache from sipping my frozen strawberry daiquiri too fast, I was struck with girl power pride as I read Jennifer Aniston’s column published on Huffington Post.

You see Jen had had enough. Our girl next door had been photographed and written about one too many times and she eloquently snapped. If you missed her letter, please pop over here to read it! Huffington Post

Who hasn’t had a hamburger on vaycay in their bikini and thought, yep, I now have a food baby! For us, it’s funny, no biggie. But for Jen that one hamburger leads to weeks of horrendous worldwide scrutiny, pics splashed all over tabloids, rumours, AND gossip. No wonder she’s fed up.

As women all over the world cheered her on and nodded in unison about her frustration, I took something extra from what she said. Her letter and frustration were penned around the constant harassment and scrutiny she receives daily about whether or not she is pregnant. I cannot imagine the insane impact that has on someone. But what I took away was something else. We must without exception take responsibility for how we decide to view our bodies.

We decide what is beautiful. Not magazines, advertising, tabloids and societies expectations.

Enough is enough. We are responsible for accepting, living and loving ourselves for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters, and friends.

Thankfully times are slowly changing. Women with curves are in the spotlight once again. However, the scrutiny still exists and it needs to stop!

If you haven’t heard the name Ashley Graham, here’s a pic of her:


Drop dead gorgeous, isn’t she! Curves and all.

This girl has the world at her feet and she is exactly the type of role model we need out there. Ashley has graced magazine covers all over the world. She’s an entrepreneur, a body activist, a supermodel and she does it all as a very healthy, sexy size 16! It’s people like Ashley I look to for inspiration. Ashley is someone I talk to my daughter about when she questions her body.

It’s more difficult than ever to feel comfortable in your own skin in this crazy digital world we all live in. There is very little room to hide and we are bombarded with images of what we are told is beautiful.

I take full responsibility for how I view my body and portray that message. I have my moments of self-doubt just like everyone. But I am extremely happy in my own skin. So when I eat a hamburger in my bikini on my next vaycay I will do so with no inhibitions, I will laugh at my food baby belly, take a selfie and be proud of the body I have!

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