When I was a newbie blogger I remember being asked in a blogging Facebook group the following question “Do your loved ones support your blogging?” A reasonable question to ask in such a forum. But boy did it throw me for a loop!

First, I looked at the question and my mind went blank. I proceeded to re-read the question, “Do your loved ones support your blogging?” I was frozen staring at my computer screen. Do MY loved ones support my blogging?

Actually, no.

The only person who was supportive at the early stages of my blogging was my husband, he is still my biggest supporter and I am eternally grateful I have him backing me all the way with my blogging journey. Everyone else, well let’s just say their reaction was nothing short of disappointing.

I was clearly not the only blogger firmly in the no camp. Answer after answer came flooding in from bloggers all over the world, the majority were solid no. The minorities were a hell yes! What? Surely bloggers who spend countless hours lovingly putting together their blogs and bravely share their thoughts, feelings, experiences with the world would be getting a soiled high five from everyone in their lives who love them.

Apparently not!

This was a real Oprah aha moment for me. I suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone. I found people who were experiencing the same weird vibes as I was from their friends and family. This then got me thinking, why? Why are so many of us not being supported for doing something we love?

Over the years I have heard more times than I can count “I’m not on Facebook, it’s not for me” and then sure enough over time those people pop up on Facebook and you have a friend request waiting for you to approve. I understand this mindset of not wanting to put your life on Facebook and I also understand that people realise Facebook has positives to it as well, like keeping you in touch with loved ones and endless memes. But the initial hesitation and resistance to Facebook is the unknown. Just like blogging is to so many. They simply don’t understand it and resist the idea of another medium entering what feels like a busy space.

Blogging to some people is an absolute unknown medium and their first response is to dislike the concept. It’s also something that people don’t need. It’s something that you learn to like once you have found a blog or two that resonate with you. Once you have found blogs you like you become part of that blog’s tapestry. You join the newsletter, comment on posts and go on the journey with the blogger. It becomes personal and that’s the foundation blogs are built on.

Over the years blogging has grown from strength to strength and just like Facebook more and more people are realising the positives. It’s an exciting time to be a blogger.

When you have loved ones that aren’t as supportive of your blogging as you would like you need to accept that they simply don’t understand it all yet and they may never understand it. Remember your blog is about your life or an element of your life that you want to share. Your loved ones already share that element of you in real life face to face, day to day. They don’t need to read your blog, they already have the real deal right in front of them.

If you are finding it hard to get support, it’s time to join some blogging groups and make some blogging friends. They are the only people who will truly understand what being a blogger takes. It has made the world of difference to my blogging experience. I also no longer seek any support from my loved ones, I don’t need it. I’m happy, confident and excited to be a blogger.

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