The warm summer sun entices us to indulge in its delights. We begin to enjoy longer days with more freedom. We take our cold winter bodies out of hibernation and launch them into bikini’s, spray tans, pedicures and cold cocktails. Quickly forgetting about the winter that’s just passed.

Summer is an amazing time of year and it can have some amazing benefits for your overall health. So why not get the most out of this summer, here are some tips how:


That delicious red summer berry not only packs a sweet punch but its high level of vitamin C can help reduce the risk of strokes. But it is also the best time of year to enjoy the bounty of abundant fresh, local fruits and vegetables. Getting out and sourcing local produce that is in season packed with vitamin and minerals and introducing them to your diet will leave you feeling vibrant and full of life.


You can get that dose of vitamin D we all need. Sufficient vitamin D is essential for good health, it helps us absorb calcium, it supports our immune system, vitamin D assists with healthy bones and teeth. It can also help in resisting certain diseases. But there are another couple of benefits of getting some sun over the summer months that might surprise you, such as vitamin D can help regulate your mood and ward off depression. So amazing it can do this, no wonder vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin. So NO sun baking just get a healthy dose to get the health benefits.

Incidental Exercise

Most of us make time to exercise, we have to schedule it or it doesn’t happen! However, in Summer there are more opportunities to get moving. More walks with our pooches, riding bikes with the kids, swimming, throwing the ball or frisbee at the park. More opportunities to move more, burn a few extra calories and you don’t even feel like you’ve worked out. Summer is a brilliant time to use your body.

Going Bare Feet

Kicking your shoes off to walk along the sand at the beach brings pure delight. That feeling is tough to beat. You feel grounded, happy and it instantly makes you feel good. But in summer we can not only do it at the beach we can get that great feeling every day. Walking barefoot on grass, soil or sand can benefit our health by increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation in the body and improving sleep. Unfortunately today we encourage our kids to keep their shoes on when odds are we as children proudly rode our bikes, ran to friends homes and spent the summer shoeless. This summer let the kids run free, let them experience the health benefits and happiness of life without shoes and proudly join them, I promise you will love it!

I’m off to pick strawberries in my veggie patch with no shoes on, soaking up everything this magnificent summer day has to offer before winter peeks it’s head over the horizon and snaps it away!

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