Staying motivated with your fitness goal can be difficult regardless of the season. When winter starts to roll around it can become that much harder. The drastic change in temperature, reduced sunlight hours, the extra fluffy bedding and all that glorious winter comfort food can create a perfect storm. Before you know it, the snow has melted, the sun begins to shine and you are in NO shape for the warmer months ahead!

This week I have been discussing this exact topic with my trainer. With a lot of back and forth, mostly on my part, we ended up with this week’s blog. Bonus!

Tips for staying motivated with exercise are a dime a dozen. What I wanted to extract from his qualified brain, were tips that would continuously keep me motivated over winter. I wanted tips that will ensure I pull on my ever-so-tight-leggings and continue to show up no matter how cold it gets!

We managed to get there and I wanted to share them with you this week. Hopefully, they will help if you are looking for some motivation to keep you out of hibernation!


This tip is so important. If you don’t enjoy what you do for exercise over winter, change it. Change it NOW! Perhaps you just need to take a break over the winter from your regular routine and start something new. What a great opportunity to embrace something new for 12 weeks. It doesn’t mean you won’t come back to what you regularly do once it warms up again. View it as a change to keep you on the fitness track.

Ensuring what you have chosen is enjoyable and sustainable for those chilly dark days is important. Another great way to stay motivated and enjoy it is to enlist a friend to exercise with you. It’s not a commitment for life, just a brief commitment to getting you both through the winter and into spring feeling the best version of yourself. Exercising with a friend makes you more accountable. It’s more enjoyable and makes the time go faster.


Training in your summer workout gear and adding a bulky layer for winter is not an effective way to train! You need to layer your clothing effectively. You have to be able to freely move. Removing one layer at a time as your body temperature increases. You can also add these layers back once you have finished and you begin to cool down.

The most important element to get right when layering your workout gear is to get the base layer correct. You need to choose a material that draws moisture away from your skin as you sweat aka NOT COTTON. If you don’t wear clothing that draws the sweat away you will get cold, chills and your muscles won’t recover properly from the workout. If this happens it leads to muscle soreness. Hello, morning legs that don’t work!!


Winter food has a bad rep. Starchy, dense, calorie-loaded comfort food. While all wonderful and delicious, this food is a killer when it comes to feeling energetic to exercise over winter.

Solution: make your favourite dishes with a twist. Change your mashed potato to mashed sweet potato and pumpkin. Get that winter warmth with homemade soups and bone broths. Embrace herbal tea instead of that 4th cup of coffee. Don’t get stuck-in-a-rut with the same old dishes, add a few new healthy dishes to keep it exciting.


So this tip was much more my idea than my trainers. He does agree it’s important, but perhaps it shouldn’t rank top five.

But my blog…..My tip!

Reward yourself with a warm glorious massage. I’m not talking about the painful remedial massage that we should all do. It’s actually very important for your health and I fully support remedial massages. But remedial massages are not a reward. I am talking about a relaxation massage. The kind of massage that makes you forget you have a job, kids, to do list and if done properly your own name! Now I know this is self-indulgent. Making the time and effort to do this for yourself seems extreme. However, if you are going to make the effort to exercise over winter you need to reward yourself for your hard work and dedication.


Winter is a set window of time. It can feel like it goes on and on. But it will be spring before we know it. Our pale dry skin will soon be on show and what can be more motivating than the thought of fitting into our spring clothes and feeling comfortable in our own bodies. Everyone has a different purpose for exercising. Getting fit. Staying fit. Improving health. Fitting into your jeans OR all these reasons and more. All that matters is that you have a purpose that motivates you to move.

The important thing is you take your reasons for wanting to exercise over winter and turn them into a short-term achievable goal/s. See yourself working through the 12 weeks and coming out the other side successful. It doesn’t need to be extreme. It needs to be achievable.

I hope these tips are helpful. I know that hibernation is not an option for me. The aim is going to be maintaining consistency and utilising these great tips!

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