Oh, how I love some down time, precious scrumptious downtime. Coming off an amazing mini break at the beach last week I am desperate to make sure some timeout is a priority in my busy world. I came away from that break feeling refreshed, energised and inspired. I have had a pep in my step ever since. I know I left it too long, it’s so easy to do. So today I’m sharing a few tips on how I’m going to sneak some quality downtime in amongst my usual craziness until my next precious vaycay on a white sandy beach where I will be drinking way too many margaritas at lunchtime…..so good!


Don’t over schedule it. It’s important to make the time to stop, relax and re-group. But don’t plan it to military precision. A recent study shows that people who follow a strict schedule and subsequently plan their downtime the same way get little to no benefit from the break. Make the time, plan a couple of nice things and just let the rest happen.


Downtime also means putting down the devices. Knowing the importance of our kids being unplugged is a no brainer, but the same goes for you. It leads to anxiety, distracts you from relaxing and it’s too easy to get pulled back into what you are relaxing from. If this is not an option, then allow yourself device time, set the alarm on your device, indulge then turn it off once that alarm tells you to.


Stop feeling guilty. This is very important. Focusing on yourself isn’t selfish. Focusing on yourself is probably the least selfish thing you can do. Downtime is way too precious to spend in that head space. It’s essential to carve out time just for you, doing something that makes you happy, makes you smile and fulfils you. You will be a better person not only for yourself but everyone around you. Take the time enjoy it and continue the process over and over again.

Hopefully, I will maintain my beach vibes over the coming months with these tips. It’s not impossible but it could be tricky. I’m an over-scheduler, I can get way too plugged into my devices and I managed to make myself feel guilty for the slightest indulgence. But I am determined because I am a much happier person when I get some timeout.

If you are finding that you’re in need of some downtime find what works for you. It’s important to make that a priority. Even if it’s just one small thing you can do it can make a big difference. You’re worth it!

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