Often we need that little bit extra. Extra time, extra sleep an extra pair of hands. Here are three very simple yet very effective ways you can inject a little extra organisation into your life!


Find what works for you. Often it’s the most simple method is the most effective. If using a basic notebook or old school diary is helps you manage the day to day then go for it. With the large array of choices available to schedule and plan find what works and stick with it. Having half of your personal appointments in your phone, your work calendar on your laptop, dates/notes and travel plans written out at home it makes it impossible to see what you have going on. When you have everything together in one place it makes it easy to prioritise what’s important. It allows you to put everything into perspective and it can relieve stress that’s induced by not having a clear vision of what you have on.


Parents know this is one of the most crucial elements to getting pretty much anything done. Without a consistent, achievable routine everything comes quickly crashing down. Having a routine is the best advice I have ever been given. A family routine of planned evening meals, lunches made the day before, Sunday food prep and consistent bedtimes make life somewhat manageable. Then there are the people that I am most envious of who take things to a whole new level. A perfect example of this is my girlfriend who plans out what she is going to wear the night before regardless of what day of the week it is, what sh*it storm she has tackled that day and with 4 busy kids a business and an endless to-do-list she looks flawless every day, just gorgeous! She has made herself a routine that means no matter what’s going on she feels her best every day. If you’re looking for a little help in this area try a planning app like Productive Habit Tracker, an app might just be what you need to get you into a positive routine.


Make time for you and what needs to be done. Make this the priority and don’t budge unless you have to. Saying ‘NO’ is one of the most important things you can do for your own sanity. Unless it’s a f*ck yes then just say no. No explanation required. Keeping things the way that works for you and your family is the only thing that matters. Be consistent. Stay true to who you are and make your boundaries clear.

We are all stretched to the limit most days and crave a few more hours each week to get everything done. Taking a moment to consolidate everything, establishing a routine and have a clear vision of what works for you is key to staying organised.

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