Blogging comes with high highs and low lows and you need to prepare yourself for the crazy ride that is blogging. When first starting out blogging can be terribly lonely if you are one of the fortunate ones and have a blogging partner who is joining you for the ride I deeply envy you. For the rest of us well let’s just say it’s an experience like no other.

Blogging has so many moving parts, you are often spread very thin. You quickly realise that confidently managing all areas of blogging is almost impossible on your own. The very successful bloggers out in the blogging sphere have teams of people helping them every day, if you wonder how the “top” bloggers do it all, it’s simple they have help!

Bloggers just like you and I don’t have that kind of help, it’s just us on our own trying to do it all. We must keep on top of what colours are in trend, what hashtags to use and not use, for example what’s with Instagram shadow banning certain hashtags? Instagram is hard enough without working out what’s the latest obstacle they throw at us to mauver around. On top of that, we must figure out what time of day to post, how to manage Pinterest boards, create quality Pinterest pins, get our heads around the huge world of Twitter. Post on Facebook without upsetting Facebook! Workout SEO’s, Google + and Linkedin. You must create a newsletter for your subscribers that will entice them to read what you have to share. We have to take all our own pictures, edit them, resize them for a plethora of social platforms. Last but not least we have to plan our blog posts, write and edit our posts. Update our websites and look damn professional whilst doing it ALL.

I had no idea what I was in for when I first started blogging, I wish I had someone giving me the heads up about how difficult it can be. It wouldn’t have stopped me, nothing would have stopped me, but I would have felt more confident in those moments when I doubted myself.

I am proud to call myself a blogger because it is a very tough vocation. I manage to get all the moving parts ticking over month to month. Often one area is doing much better than another area and that’s ok with me because I know it’s almost impossible to get it all right on my own. I love the rollercoaster that is blogging, as a seasoned blogger I am finding my sweet spot more often and I feel comfortable in my blogging space, I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Just remember blogging is a lot to undertake and manage well on your own. Always cut yourself some slack when the going gets tough. There will be glorious moments when it all comes together that’s when you give yourself a huge pat on the back because that my friend is something to be proud of.

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