This is an old post of mine that I just had to re-share because it still makes me smile. I was re-reading it because I’m  designing a new tattoo that I will get soon. I originally posted TATTOOS, BEARDS AND BIKINI LINES  back in May 2015, it feels like I wrote it only weeks ago! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do.

I recently came across this image on Facebook, it made me chuckle, I took a quick screenshot of it and quickly moved on to the rest of my feed. I like to screenshot lots of different images and ideas that tickle my fancy, I never know what is going to come from it, often nothing, sometimes something great.


I discovered over the coming weeks the image would pop into the forefront of my mind each time I saw a young man sporting a beard. With the recent popularity of beards, I have been inundated with reminders of my funny image and I’ve been happily chuckling away to myself.

This got me thinking….the fashion world puts out colour, styles and trends for us to adopt as we so, please. But what about other trends like the length of facial hair, tattoos and bikini lines? Who puts these out there? I know it’s not Anna Wintour the editor-in-chief of American Vogue! So how do these trends get picked up by popular culture?

Beards have been on the popular radar now for a good two years and they are steadily on the rise. Some articles believe that beards in the US became increasing popular after the GFC. Men were naturally moving away from the clean cut corporate image, the simply didn’t want to look like the men in suits responsible for crashing the economy. I, on the other hand, believe it has become a symbol of a greater movement. The movement towards a more simplified lifestyle. The going green, eating clean, caveman, sustainable, organic lifestyle.

However, the popularity of the beard is at risk of becoming too popular of a trend and it will lose its appeal if it becomes the norm. The symbolism of the beard wearer as someone who is living outside the mass consumerism box that everyone else is in will be lost.

Now on to bikini lines!

Over the past few decades, we can all agree that the style and trend have changed. The 1970’S look is something my generation has not embraced, thank goodness! However, in recent years the minimalistic look is becoming a very permanent one. With more and more permanent laser hair removal salons opening up, offering services at a very, very affordable price. These salons now have a comfortable place right next door to shoe shops, chemists and clothing stores in shopping centres. So my generation is making the current minimalist style permanent. It will be interesting to see if our daughters do the same OR will they start rocking a 70’s vibe??

Paris Fashion week this year had more male and female models with tattoos than I care to count. Numerous male models sported long full beards AND tattoos. Once a symbol of class, tattoos were for soldiers, sailors, bikers, criminals and for people with borderline deviant behaviour. Now makeup artists and designers are taking the trend for Fall 2015 by decorating models’ faces with them. However, I think tattoos are much, much more than mere fashion. Tattooing is a genuinely popular art form and a permanent one at that!

I must admit at this point that I have three tattoos, two large and one small. So I have a bias opinion. As an adult making the decision to get a tattoo you can feel confident with the idea, with the profession now regulated and medically safe the choice has become easier.

Tattoos are so common these days they are no longer shocking. The consistent increase in popularity, the acceptance by society that tattoos are art, not just a trend, makes it look as if they are here to stay.

So if tattoos are seen as art, beards are seen as a symbol of a more simplistic life and an over the top full bikini line is a distant memory. What can we expect next? These trends are clearly not determined by the fashion or corporate world. They are developed and gain momentum by us, I can’t wait to see what we come up with next, I’m sure it will be marvellous!

Love TATTOOS, BEARDS AND BIKINI LINES? Or know someone who needs to read this? Please share away!

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