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Girl let me share something with you, I often get told I’m a little crazy, well if I am being honest, I get told that more frequently than one should! But who wants to be normal? Life’s too short to be ‘normal’.

Over the past 5 years I have created HUNDREDS of posts here at Glamor Hippie simply because I absolutely LOVE sharing my passions with the world. With no sponsored posts and no ads! I might be a little crazy spending countless hours creating content AND spending my hard earned money creating this sexy website, but I don’t care!

Handing over your email is a HUGE deal, I completely understand, but I promise to treat it with the same respect I treat my Chanel handbag. Trust me when I tell you that bag is nurtured like a new born baby. I will only hit up your inbox when I have worthy posts, no spam, no rubbish, you have my word.

Subscribe and we will be connected. Virtually of course, not in a weird stalker kinda way, why what were you thinking???