This week I am following on from my WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO WHEN WE KNOW WHAT WE KNOW post. I had such amazing feedback, conversations and aha moments shared with me that I wanted to dive a touch deeper and take a look at what stops us from following through!

Making plans are exciting. Something, new to challenge yourself, going somewhere or making time to do something for you. Your mood is elevated and you make a commitment to show up and show out! Your inner self is happy at the prospect of doing something that’s going to contribute to your memory bank of happy times.

But then, it changes, it doesn’t stay a priority. And you slowly forget about the initial excitement. Then doubt, a sprinkle of guilt, an excuse or two starts to enter your mind. Sometimes it’s a nice combo of all three all there ready to squash what you knew would make you happy.


Human beings are marvellous at procrastination. Ancient Greek Philosophers even developed a word for it, Akrasia. Several Philosophers believed that Akrasia was one going against their better judgement. If you knew A was the best option for you why would you do anything other than A

Do you have a pattern of not following through once the initial excitement has worn off?

When you felt that initial excitement it overruled any obstructive emotions. Then upon further thought, emotions that were not present initially, suddenly came into consideration.  

I put my hands up to not following through. It happens to be a trait that frustrates me to my core. I’m very conscious of the fact that I can slip all too easily into that space. It takes practice to hold onto that initial excitement. Use that as the fuel to flame the commitment and follow through. I constantly remind myself of past failures and the feelings they evoked and try to follow through on what makes me excited.

Being aware that I have this tendency is a positive. I can put systems in place that work well for me to overcome it. However, I still get upset when others don’t follow through.


As someone who gets the issue completely, I should not allow myself to be affected. I should have understanding, empathy, and compassion. But what I am seeing in others is just a mirror image of what I see in myself. And I find that hard to accept. I love to feel certain and secure and seeing this in others makes me question and doubt my efforts to overcome it. It also brings memories of disappointments of when I didn’t stay true to myself and follow through.

Knowing what makes you excited, what will bring joy to your life should and must be a priority. When you are the one responsible for taking hold and following through don’t allow yourself to give up. Make a conscious effort to stay true to what you want. From a simple night out with friends, that dream holiday or a change in career. You deserve to be happy and indulge in life the way you want.

For me, I will continue to think things through I’m sure, but I will strive to follow through. I will allow my excitement to fuel my passion for participating and committing. Sitting on the sidelines is never an option, life is to be lived and enjoyed. Appreciate what excites you and allow yourself to be a priority.

I would love to know what excites you, what do you want to do for yourself? Please share in the comments below!

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