Sometimes we just need a little boost. Nothing is wrong. Everything is in working order, but with the impact of daily life consistently sapping your energy, your sex drive can dwindle.

It happens to the best of us!

Luckily nature has some very nice ways to help us get some pep back in our step. Six easy ways to boost your drive and get you back to where you want to be. Let’s not procrastinate any longer, here you go, six natural sex drive boosters you can try when things aren’t working the way you like, some will be familiar, but some might just surprise you.

Pumpkin Seeds

These little crunchy delights aren’t just a wonderful addition to your salads, they are one of the best food sources of an amino acid known as tryptophan. This helps with the production of serotonin in your brain. The happy hormone. They are also filled with the all-important nutrient zinc. Zinc helps improve sex drive, it can be referred to as the ultimate sex mineral because it boosts your testosterone level. Studies show women with naturally higher testosterone levels have a higher sex drive.

Just remember you want to eat them before you head to bed, so adding them to your salad at dinner and not lunch is the better option.


Who would have thought? To be specific red grapes are the ones with the magic powers. Grapes contain the mineral boron which helps the production of estrogen and testosterone. With the increased production of these two essential hormones, it can help get you in the mood much faster.


Banana’s do their work the opposite way. The help by counteracting the negative effect of eating foods high in sodium. High sodium foods diminish blood flow in all the areas you need it, bananas are full of potassium which helps balance things out. They are also high in B vitamins that will give an energy boost when you need it.


I’m sure you’ve heard this one before! But it’s true. Oysters are little gems when it comes to boosting your sex drive. Much like pumpkin seeds oysters are filled with zinc, helping boost your testosterone and subsequently sex drive. Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone that increases your libido. They have been tried and tested for decades, there is a reason they are still the go-to food for a sex drive boost it’s because they do help.


Please make sure this one is shared when consuming. It will, of course, have the complete opposite effect if you consume alone! Garlic contains allicin, a compound that thins your blood. Garlic helps your blood circulation and blood flow to your sexual organs. It gets your blood pumping and to all the right areas.


Yep coffee. Coffee contains a stimulant that has been shown to put females in the mood. Why? If you get a positive reaction from drinking coffee during the day it can help motivate you and give you the energy needed if you are in the mood. Be cautious though, if coffee tends to leave you feeling anxious definitely skip it as it can deplete your mood and leave you awake worrying about all the things on you to do list.

A healthy diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, the right amount of water and limited stress are going to help you have a very healthy sex drive. But if you’re looking for that little extra boost why not try a few of these little natural boosters next time you are feeling a little flat.

Have fun!

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