“There are people waiting for someone just like us to come along. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give.”–Leo Buscaglia

Sharing what you are passionate about is an extremely difficult thing to do. Putting that passion on the internet takes it to a whole new level. You are volunteering for the world to come and experience what you truly passionate about. You have no idea what people are thinking, you have no control what-so-ever. The entire experience can leave you feeling vulnerable and exposed. I always say it feels like that dream sequence we see in movies, the one where the character dreaming they are on stage completely naked in front of hundreds of people and has been completely frozen by fear and the embarrassment is washing over them like a tidal wave. This is what blogging can feel like on a weekly basis. It’s enough to turn bloggers with nerves of steel off blogging for life.

Ok, so about now you are thinking forget this I’m out, blogging is NOT for me. Take a small breath we’re just about to get to the best part.

When we are spending time on what we truly love to do, our passion and purpose, we are operating at a higher frequency. You feel great, it makes you happy and you feel fulfilled. Then you see the positive reactions from those people who truly love what you are doing you begin to see that contributing what you have to share gives your passion purpose.

Contributing is a basic human instinct, how often do you put others needs before your own? You are happy to give time and energy to others who need you in your day to day life, often sacrificing time and energy that you probably need to spend on yourself. We are built to help others. However, often we are unaware that helping others and not making ourselves a priority is detrimental to our own happiness.

The beauty of blogging is you can share your passion, contribute something wonderful, have a positive impact on the world and this is all done by making yourself a priority. Making your passion a priority. How incredibly amazing is that!

One of the other important elements I try to remember when I doubt my ability and resent the energy it takes to create my blog is that there is someone out there who wants to read what I have to say They want to look, feel and experience what I have to share and it is going to help them on some level. It always gives me the energy boost and perspective that I need to keep going.

Sharing your passion with a blog is an amazing experience. You connect with people from all over the world with similar passions. You make yourself a priority whilst contributing something wonderful. There’s nothing quite like blogging and you should be proud to call yourself a blogger.

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