July 21, 2020


Are you a raw food fan? Now I am not talking Sashimi here… Years ago, when I discovered my love for clean eating, I fell in love with raw desserts! You get all the fun without the nasties, and you feel great after indulging. Some people love to eat this way full time; a raw vegan diet is generally rich
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June 30, 2020


Pancakes are my favourite food without question! However, the standard version wreaks havoc with my digestion. I eat clean and minimise processed sugar and regular flour where possible, so pancakes are not my friend. I have several healthy recipes that I cook to satisfy my craving, but sometimes, I want to be a little more indulgent. I developed this recipe
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March 1, 2020


Protein balls are a staple in our house. With kids sport, long days and road trips we need a supply of healthy treats on hand at all times. These banana protein balls are a family favourite, made from all-natural ingredients, they are delicious and easy to make. Ticking all the boxes! [yumprint-recipe id=’56’]
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January 30, 2020


Apricot chicken was a staple dish when I was growing up. It pleased everyone in the families taste buds; you could whip it up in a flash on those busy weeknights and mealtime was stress-free! So when I became a Mum and I had to feed my own little family, apricot chicken came to mind. However, my kids have been
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January 30, 2020


Over the summer, I was looking for a less sugary cocktail to enjoy by the pool. I love a margarita; however, the pre-mix versions are laden with sugar and often nasty preservatives. I needed to create a version that tasted fantastic and was made with natural ingredients. So here it is, my version of a skinny margarita. Enjoy! [yumprint-recipe id=’54’]
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October 12, 2019


This recipe calls for fresh lemon juice and fresh lemon zest, something that elevates a simple recipe and turns it into an extraordinary recipe! I developed the recipe recently and I have not been able to keep up with demand. The moment the house begins to fill with the warm smell from the oven hungry mouths appear. It’s
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