We all aspire to live a life full of meaning, purpose, passion and love. At times it can be challenging to get one of those elements working let alone all of them at once. It can be difficult for lots of different reasons; the journey is unknown, often uncontrollable and unpredictable.

How do we create a life that we love?

Ultimately we are responsible. Having a loving relationship with ourselves is the instrument to our preservation. You need to be what you deserve. You need to be your own nutritionist, personal trainer, cheerleader, pamperer and proud parent. You are what you need. You can’t rely on others to do this for you; it’s your responsibility. It’s your job to love yourself.
Life brings so many opportunities that make everything worth it. The most precious of opportunities presented is one of unconditional love. The feeling of completeness when you hold someone be it a child, a pet or a human that touches your soul is nothing but pure unconditional love.

Imagine if you began to love yourself unconditionally. What would that do? How would you start to feel about yourself?

You are the most crucial person in your life. Full stop. You are responsible for making the choices that promote happiness. You are responsible for making the choices that will improve your health. You are responsible for making the choices that will allow you to grow and live a lovingly abundant life.

Love can be taken away from us in life. Internal love self-love cannot.

Loving who you are wholehearted leaves you less vulnerable to anxiety, addictions, bad relationships and discontent. It becomes the ray of light that shines brighter than external criticism, guilt, anger and shame. You become open to seeing what’s truly happening around you, and blame is not required.

We seem to understand the concept of self-love when we are sick or are suffering from depression. It takes a dramatic shift to trigger change, but it shouldn’t take a shock to make us put ourselves first. Creating a life full of love that has moments of passion and is driven by purpose is something we are all entitled to.

Ultimately it is up to us to create it!


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