I come across so many wonderful women who give the most amazing advice. Knowledge and experience given with conviction. From parenting, career choices, personal development and self-care…actually advice for all facets of life and I’m forever thankful every time it happens. However, all too often the advice is wonderfully accurate, delivered with assurance but it’s not practiced in their own lives.

Why don’t we practice what we preach?

We are brimming with knowledge about what is good for us and all too often we don’t make ourselves a priority. Why?

Society can make you feel uncomfortable when you take the time to spend on yourself. You can feel quite selfish taking the time to do things for ourselves that make us happy. When you take time from your busy routine, your never-ending ‘to do list’, your spouse, kids and family, the guilt is enough to turn you completely off. But if you’re not fulfilled, if you’re not happy, spending time on yourself can help you discover who you are, you can figure out what you really want and it can give you time to get some much-needed perspective.

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. Self-care is taking care of ourselves so we can be there for others. You need to be what you deserve. You need to be your own nutritionist, personal trainer, cheerleader, pamperer, the proud parent. You are what you need. You can’t rely on others to do this for you. It’s your responsibility. It’s your job to love and take care of yourself.

Life brings so many opportunities that make everything worth it. The most precious of opportunities presented is the one of unconditional love. The feeling of completeness when you hold someone be it a child, a pet or a human that connects to your soul is nothing but pure love.

Imagine if you began to love yourself unconditionally. What would that do? How would you begin to feel about yourself?

Having a loving relationship with ourselves is the instrument to our preservation.

You are the most important person in your life. Full stop. You are responsible for making the choices that promote happiness. You are responsible for making the choices that will improve your health. You are responsible for making the choices that will allow you to grow and live a lovingly abundant life.

Love can be taken away from us in life. Internal love self-love cannot.

Loving who you are wholehearted leaves you less vulnerable to anxiety, addictions, bad relationships and discontent. It becomes the ray of light that shines brighter than external criticism, guilt, anger and shame. You become open to seeing what’s truly happening around you and blame is not required.

We seem to understand the concept of self-love when we are sick or are suffering. It takes a dramatic shift to trigger important change. But it needs to happen every day not when we are knocked off our feet.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, it only matters what you are doing. Focusing on taking care of yourself, is important, it’s necessary. Too many of us are happy to give advice on how to do this but are not doing it for ourselves. Be good to yourself. Love yourself unconditionally and make taking care of yourself a priority!

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