This may seem like a ridiculous question to some, to others and this may surprise you the answer is a little more relaxed!

Our underwear draw is often a magnificent treasure chest of memories. There is the everyday run of the mill items that get us through the busy week, the basics we simply cannot live without. Then there are the pieces that we buy to squeeze into that dress. The pieces we buy to look like we aren’t wearing any underwear. The ones that lift and shift, defying gravity and hiding a multitude of sins. Our workout underwear and old nursing bras that are too comfortable to throw away. And who could forget the pieces that are ghosts of relationships past! Unfortunately, all these options can be doing us a disservice.

When it comes to keeping our underwear clean we need to ensure we are taking care of ourselves. Underwear should be washed after every wear. It’s tempting to reuse underwear that you have only thrown on for a short time thinking they’ll be good for another wear. The reality is we need to pop them in the wash. Our underwear covers the most sensitive skin on our bodies. Every day of the month we can have a completely different environment going on in our most delicate region. Used underwear can harbour all sorts of hidden issues that can cause us harm. If you have worn them you should wash them!

We need to ensure we are also throwing out underwear that no longer serves its purpose. Underwear that has any holes, lost its shape or elasticity. Underwear that no longer fits. We also need to get rid of underwear we simply no longer wear for emotional reasons.

If our underwear drawer is full of items that work for us throughout the course of the year they should be replaced at the end of the year. Old items run the risk chaffing, harbouring bacteria and causing us harm. Our underwear should make us feel fabulous no matter the occasion, if your underwear isn’t doing this for you, it’s time to clean out that treasure chest!

So, our underwear needs to be cleaned after every wear, what about our bras? This is a topic many women disagree on and I can see why.

Bras aren’t in charge of protecting out delicate regions, they are more robust and can be treated a little differently depending on their purpose. As a rule of thumb, you can go four days (wears) without washing your bra. However, this is dependent on the individual. If you sweat more than average or if you have had a recent spray tan, it’s best to wash them more frequently. All sports bras that have been worn during your workout must be washed after every wear. Sweat can harbour bacteria and can easily cause an infection on broken skin.

Parting ways with a bra is difficult. They are expensive. We often buy and treat them as investment pieces, as we should. So, when it comes time to throw them out making that decision is hard. But we must get rid of them when the elasticity has gone, if the hooks and eyes are broken, if they no longer fit or they are just uncomfortable.

Now sheets!

If you ask my Mum she works on the old rule that sheets must be changed once a week. Who in this day and age has the time to change the sheets once a week? I know I don’t! If you have a shower prior to collapsing into bed at night, it’s ok to stretch that wash a little longer. You can comfortably go two weeks before changing them. However, it can be a great idea to wash your pillowcases once a week if you can do that. If you share your bed with a beloved pet I’m sorry to say you need to be popping those sheets in the wash once a week. Our sheets can harbour a multitude of bacteria and viruses that can cause unwanted illnesses. It’s best to regularly change your sheets based on your lifestyle, the most important element is to be consistent.

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