One of the fondest memories I have from my early days at school are the days my Mum helped out in the school canteen. My school would have parent/family volunteers come in to assist the canteen staff on a volunteer basis, it wasn’t a regular occurrence, it was just often enough to make the day something special. We just LOVED when one of our parents or grandparents came in to help. If it was your day it was just the bees’ knees.

Having someone you loved at school was exciting!

My Mum is a very creative soul, she loves to draw. The day’s that she was on canteen I would, of course, receive a lunch order that she had packed just for me. This lunch order became the envy for all those who knew me and my Mum. You see it wasn’t the contents of the lunch order it was the artwork on the lunch order bag.

Lunch order bags were notoriously brown, sometimes white, with nothing else on them. When my lunch arrived on the days my Mum was in the canteen my bags was COVERED in the most amazing drawing and a message just for me. I remember dancing flowers with smiles, beautiful curly leaves and love drawn all over that lunch order bag. It has never left me.

Something so simple meant so much. It was a statement of love, it was perfect.

Now I am a Mum and things have certainly changed, my kid’s school doesn’t have parent volunteers in the canteen, lunches are ordered online and now they are older there isn’t much interaction with them inside the school. I do however get very excited on the days my kids have swimming carnivals or athletics carnivals. On these days my kids are required to take their lunch in a disposable bag, no lunch box or containers of any kind, it’s my opportunity! The night before I get to work with some sharpies and get very creative decorating their disposable bag, I take my time to draw characters and pictures of things I know will make them smile. They know it’s coming and often give me that ‘you’re embarrassing me look’ when I hand it to them, but they then happily pack their lunch and off they go.

Over the years I often pop a little note into my kid’s lunch boxes when I know they need a little pick-me-up. Something small, hidden under their sandwich. The school year is long and tedious a message of love and support during the day can help. Something to let them know there are people who love them unconditionally.

This year I decided to prepare some small notes and terrible jokes ahead of time for their lunch boxes. We are simply ridiculously busy and if I don’t plan ahead it will be too late and the year will be over. I have no intention of adding something every day. It will lose its mojo if I did it too often. I prepared a variety of small notes that I will cut up and have ready to go on the days I think it’s needed. I created some for him and some for her, but in reality, I can use any of them, they are gender neutral. I only divided them based on the jokes, they both have a different sense of humour.

I have added them here for you to see.

Glamor Hippie Notes in the lunch box image

Making this little effort for my kids makes me so happy because it’s continuing my Mum’s tradition. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did and hopefully, one day continue it on in their own way. My son has his swimming carnival today, so I need to go and dig out my sharpies. I have a fabulous idea of how I’m going to decorate his bag and I can’t wait to see what he thinks when he wakes up!

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