We’ve all experienced it, that gut feeling that your life is completely inadequate. Looking through social media, Instagram in particular. Seeing all the beautiful photos of all the amazing lives everyone is living. Chai matcha latte’s after a long morning swim at your own personal beach. Golden tans and killer abs. Endless hours at the gym mastering the latest insane gym workouts. Beautifully groomed dogs and divine kid’s birthday cakes.

How can we ever compete with what we are seeing?

We even had to create a word for word it FOMO.


Fear of not being “it”, fear of not being equal, of not living your life to the perceived fullest.

We get it. We understand that it’s not reality. But the reality is we feel and treat it like it is real even though we know better. Now, I am a fully grown educated woman who is an active member and contributor to social media and it still catches me out. Even though I know what goes into it. I can easily pick what’s what but it can be very difficult to switch your thinking about what you’re seeing.

How do we shake it?

I posted a photo this week on social media, a photo of me all dressed up ready for a night out. It’s a nice photo and I was very happy to share it on my social media. The colours are perfect and it’s a great pic for Instagram. It’s the exact kind of image that you need to share if you are like me and have a brand that is centred around yourself. The reality is the photo is edited, as a very large majority of images shared by the masses on social media are. The other reality is I wasn’t actually dressed to go anywhere! I am in fact wearing nice clothes and jewellery on the top and my p.j’s on the bottom. It’s not a true reflection of where I was and what I was up to at the time. I was on the tail end of taking new profile pics and I was getting changed into my ever so comfortable p.j’s and decided at the last second to take the shot before I got completely changed. The lighting was perfect and it worked. I had an extra photo in my arsenal to use when I needed it. Bloggers need photos just as much as words, it’s important to have a shed load of them.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this rant, I mean post, I get caught out just like so many. I get deeply envious of what I see. It quite often makes me feel inadequate and that’s just crazy. Social media inspires me. I follow some very remarkable people that have some very positive messages to share and this is a wonderful thing. I also get to share my life, my passions and my messages with people all over the world. It connects people and families from every corner of the globe and that alone is incredible.

Navigating our way through social media is still very new. We are complex beings with complex emotions. Even the strongest and happiest fall prey to envy. It’s the way we are wired and that is ok as long as we are aware of when it happens to us.

For now, I will continue on my social media journey, taking it as inspiration and try not to let it turn it into anything but a positive. Because we all know those images aren’t always as they seem, all dressed up on top but rocking p.j’s on the bottom is probably what’s really going on!


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