The desperate requests from my daughter to make home made slime in recent months has been relentless. I found the whole experience very difficult. The products that are needed to make slime (as demonstrated on countless YouTube channels) are products I refuse to have in my house, let alone want my kids to play with! We attempted as best we could to make the most natural version without success. In the end, I bought the most beautiful lemon scented yellow organic play dough and we conceded that this was the better option.

Then my scrumptious daughter began asking me if we could make our own bath bombs! My first instinct was to say nope, no way, no more toxins or experimenting to make something that just disappoints us both. Then I found myself buying her very expensive bath bombs from a very popular store that makes more ‘natural’ bath products. They are by no-means organic and the prices are high! I finally had enough and researched on how we can make our own bath bombs in the most natural organic way possible.

There are countless bath bomb options on Pinterest, everything you can imagine from chocolate to champagne. We took a little from a lot of recipes and played around all weekend making an enormous, gorgeous mess. We eventually had more bombs than we could ever need and a recipe that works!

If you are looking for a wonderful activity to do with the kids this is brilliant!

[yumprint-recipe id=’23’]Love NON-TOXIC BATH BOMBS? Or know someone who needs to read this? Please share away!

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