Some mornings when that alarm sounds and the thoughts of what you have to tackle that day start to slowly roll through your mind, it’s tempting to drag yourself out of bed and just get going. Breakfast is the least of your worries, getting yourself out the door and all the members of your household where they need to be with everything they need is the priority.

We know we need to eat breakfast but why?

Are we better off staying in bed for those precious minutes getting some much-needed sleep?

We make a magnificent effort to ensure our kid’s day starts with a healthy breakfast, we want them to be the best they can be and we know that starts with quality food in the am. We want them to concentrate and have the energy they need to throughout the day. We do not want them showing that side of their personality at school, you know the one, the scary one! The personality that appears when they are hangry. Not hungry but HANGRY! It’s when they become bad-tempered and irritable from being overly hungry. We never want that to happen beyond the front door so a good breakfast is a must.

So why do we make the kids a priority and not ourselves? Well, I think it’s because we don’t realise how important it is for us and this is CRAZY because we need it just as much as the kids.

What happens to us when we miss breakfast?
  • It can make us fat! If you regularly miss breakfast you are much more likely to have weight issues. Breakfast boosts your metabolism and stabilises your blood sugar throughout the day. Meaning you won’t be starving and caving into cravings and you reduce your risk of overeating.
  • Studies have shown people who eat breakfast on average consume more vitamins, minerals and fibre than those who don’t. Making the time for a nutritious breakfasts sets you up for a more successful day.
  • Breakfast is fuel for your body to use throughout the day, but it is also fuel for your brain. Breakfast improves your concentration, productivity and memory. Often the days are so busy and immensely full we need all the help we can get and breakfast can give us this advantage.

If breakfast is something that was a priority and no longer is, or if you have never fully embraced the ritual there are many reasons why you should make this a priority. The benefits of getting out of bed that 15 minutes earlier will be well worth it!

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