I find nothing more frustrating than reading about glorious routines from beautiful bloggers that have no children. Bless them and their routine of being gently woken by the morning sun gradually painting the sky. Moving to a mug of warm water with a slice of lemon just prior to their yoga session. Finishing with a complete breakfast covering all the required food groups made from all organic ingredients. Then calmly going about their day.

What a fantasy that is! I find myself uttering the words ‘bite me’ under my breath when I stumble on a post like that.

I don’t doubt for a minute that these glorious individuals exist or that they really do take their mornings to this extreme. I’m sure we all would if we could. But the reality is we simply can’t. Spending time just thinking about it is ridiculous.

We are all busy that’s a given. Throw in some kids and some pets and your world is chaos, the nice kind but still chaos. So, waking up in the morning barely getting enough sleep to fill your tank is what happens. You head directly to the bathroom to empty your crazy full bladder because you flat out refused to give up even a couple of minutes sleep during the night to go. You then proceed straight to the kitchen for the strongest coffee that’s acceptable first thing in the morning and try to wrap your head around what you need to tackle to get yourself and everyone else out the door.

There’s not a yoga mat in sight!

When researching this post I discovered a fascinating website My Morning Routine. My Morning Routine is an independent online magazine that publishes a brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday. They have 272 interviews with people living all over the world and you guessed it all the interviews are about their morning routines. After searching the site for a few minutes I found what I was after, some honest examples of routines from busy, successful women that are juggling it all. It’s interesting to read through peoples quirky morning routines, it’s like popping over to their house unannounced first thing in the morning and busting them in their PJ’s and a messy kitchen. My take away from this site is that there is no perfect routine you can copy and adapt. The success of a quality routine comes down to you, your needs and your families needs.

However, there are a few things we can take from having a morning routine that is designed around what’s best for our wellbeing, one that we design for ourselves.

Having a routine can have so many benefits for our health, simple things like rehydrating first thing when you wake. Keeping a full glass of water by the bed and drinking it before your feet hit the floor will kick-start your metabolism, begin to rehydrate you and get you off on the right track for the day.

Adding things like a 5-minute stretch (mini yoga session), because stretching increases flexibility, plus it improves your range of motion in your muscles and joints. It also improves circulation and relieves tension. It’s something quick and simple but it will have a very positive effect on your health.

Making time to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast is so important. We all know eating a healthy nutrient dense breakfast is essential, often it’s just not a priority when you need to get yourself and the rest of the family out the door. This can be easily fixed by preparing what you need the night before, taking the pressure out of the equation.

One of the most important aspects that I have noticed in my research into having a successful morning routine is not touching your smartphone. If we reach for the phone first thing we are instantly sucked into the world before we have had time to breath. Reading emails, checking calendars and viewing reminders quickly take you from the relaxed state of waking to a state of urgency. Your day is suddenly dictated to by others and not you. Social media will then take up a nice chunk of the precious minutes you should be spending on taking care of yourself, getting yourself ready for the long day ahead. Not touching your smartphone until the work day will create a sense of calm and can carry you through the day making you more successful in what you want to achieve.

It can be difficult to implement, but it is possible what did we do before smartphones?

Another very interesting fact that I came across whilst researching successful morning routines was US researchers found that when we are exposed to bright light soon after waking (like the light emitted from your smartphone), we will experience increased insulin resistance and display higher blood sugar levels. That means it can contribute to weight gain. Insulin resistance impairs the body’s ability to move glucose out of your blood and this increases the amount sugar built up in our blood, this leads to weight gain and potentially diabetes. Now that’s scary!

If your morning routine is all about everyone else and nothing about you there are some small changes you can make to improve that. What you need will be different from everyone else, it does help, however, to look into other’s worlds for inspiration and ideas. It will get you thinking about what you need, what you are missing and what you can do to make that better.

I know there are changes I can make and I will make them because I need to for my health and wellbeing. I also will more than likely continue to swear under my breath at the gorgeous millennial bloggers and their perfect mornings whilst wearing my PJ’s in my messy kitchen sipping my ridiculously strong coffee. Perhaps when the little people leave the nest I can have those perfect glorious mornings in my yoga gear. Until that happens I can make small changes and build on them gradually, maybe one day I will get there, here’s hoping!

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