Magnesium has played a vital role in my home. I first discovered its health benefits when my kids were little. I was researching everything natural when my babies were still in nappies. It was the beginning of my journey of converting my home into a chemical and toxin free environment. Magnesium was something that I introduced into my baby’s bath water and I have continued with it ever since.

Adding magnesium at bath time immediately had a very big impact on my kid’s quality of sleep. I found it to aid in relaxation and it helped significantly with their digestion. Now that they are older I have found ways to add magnesium into their routine. We have an amazing selection of body wash, oil, body balm and I still manage to get them to have a bath after a hard game of sport with a good dose of magnesium bath salts.

Magnesium is a very interesting mineral that is essential to our health. Magnesium has been linked to over 300 enzymatic reactions (think chemical reactions) in our body, varying from muscle and nerve function, to blood glucose control, to the regulation of blood pressure. Recent statistics show that 1 in 4 Australians are not meeting the daily dietary intake requirements to maintain adequate Magnesium levels, and there are some estimates that between 60-80% of the population are actually deficient. This is something we all need to consider.

Some of the conditions that an increase in your daily Magnesium intake may assist with:

– muscle fatigue
– fibromyalgia
– muscle cramps
– sugar cravings
– stress management
– sleeplessness
– cramps associated with pregnancy
– post workout recovery
– pain associated with some surgical procedures

With magnesium as part of our routine and experiencing the health benefits, I began to research it a little further. I discovered the benefits that magnesium can have when you add it to your beauty routine.

Let’s start with magnesium oil, well it’s not actually an oil. It has an oil like texture, but it’s NOT an oil. It’s magnesium chloride that’s suspended in water. Mixing the two ingredients creates an oily texture. However, this oil leaves no residue like a typical oil. You can add it day or night without feeling greasy. It makes it a perfect product to use regardless of the time of day.

Adding magnesium oil to the skin is a perfect way to absorb it (transdermal absorption), not only do you get the health benefits but the beauty benefits as well.

So, what are these beauty benefits?
  • Adding magnesium oil to your feet at the end of a long day will not only relieve sore tired feet, it will aid in healing and preventing dry cracked heels.
  • Magnesium oil makes a wonderful natural deodorant without any of the nasty chemicals. It can relieve the symptoms of excessing sweating and body odour.
  • With magnesium oil not being a traditional oil when used on the face, it aids in the breaking down of oily problematic skin. Magnesium oil aids in relieving acne and combating further breakouts.
  • Magnesium oil can help with relieving the symptoms of rosacea.
  • It can help with those fine lines we get with ageing. Dry skin and blocked pores prevent new nourished skin reaching the surface. Adding magnesium oil to your skin nourishes the skin, allows dead cells to be washed away and nourishes the new skin growing beneath.
  • Using an all over body balm after you shower will help with dry skin in the cooler months and damaged skin in the warmer months.

This month I wanted to share my love of magnesium with you and I have partnered with an amazing Australian brand that makes the most wonderful products. The Base Collective. We are collaborating to give away the ultimate magnesium pack to one very lucky winner! It has everything you need to indulge all things magnesium. The lucky winner will be announced at the end of the month. If you would like to enter or if you would like to see what The Base Collective has to offer pop over to the competition page by clicking HERE.

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