Going organic can feel like a chore. Like losing those few extra pounds, you know that you will feel better and you know you will be happier and healthier once you do. But where do you start? What do you need to do?

Here is my guide to getting you started! It’s simple, effective and fun. It will get you on your path to living an organic life in a modern world without feeling too much like a hippie.


Food that we regularly buy simply isn’t what it used to be. The way that our grandparents, parents and the way that we ate as children have changed significantly. Non-organic food today may contain many harmful pesticides, chemicals and can be genetically modified (not always a good thing). If you think about the number of groceries we buy each week for ourselves and our families, if these groceries are not free from harmful toxins i.e organic what effect can this have on our health?

Well, these readily used toxins do yield more crops, boost profits, create seasonal produce all year round, they are also responsible for the product having a significant shelf life making food much more profitable, but there is a downside to manipulating food this way. Many diseases have been linked to consuming food that has been manipulated this way, such as, cancers, nervous system diseases, reproductive complications, neurological disorders, Parkinson’s disease, childhood leukaemia, lymphoma, asthma and many more. The continuing research into what is happening to us is thankfully happening and as the layers are revealed it gets more and more worrying.

It truly feels like the beginning of the tobacco realisation all over again.

Frankly, it’s not worth the risk.


Honestly, it can. However, there are wonderful ways that can minimise this. The biggest one is making what you can yourself. Organic snacks are available and many of them are scrumptious, they are great to purchase when you are stuck for time. But, they can be expensive. The best way to be cost effective is to get in the kitchen and make them yourself.

Buying produce in season is also going to save a lot. It’s also the healthiest way to eat. However, there are times when you need something that is not in season and organic frozen produce is worth a look. It’s often cheaper, it’s organic and it will still do what you need. I always have frozen peas, berries and bananas in my freezer.

Shop around, find your local farmers markets, butchers, restaurants, cafes, health food shops and organic distributors, google it today. I know you will be surprised at what is out there. Enjoy discovering who is growing your food, it’s much, much more rewarding than standing in a sterile supermarket in fluorescent lighting mindlessly buying ‘food’.

One fabulous way to look at the costs associated with eating organic is, if you are spending a touch more now to minimise the number of toxins you and your family are consuming, it will be significantly cheaper than the possible medical bills further down the track.


The easiest and most rewarding place to start is with your fresh fruit and vegetables. Thankfully large supermarkets are beginning to stock a small amount of organic produce, so on your weekly trip to the supermarket locate the organic section and see what is available. It’s a nice easy step. Next broaden your search to your local markets, farmers markets and health food stores in your area. Get the whole family involved, it’s a fabulous feeling when the hunter-gatherer instincts kick in.

Next, I would slowly convert dairy products, milk, cheese, and yoghurt. You will soon discover there are very high-quality brands of dairy available. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find great organic dairy in large supermarkets in my area, however, I have found them at markets, health food stores, online and other places such as organic cafes. The difference in drinking 100% milk from a small herd of loved cattle v the mass-produced and manufactured milk is insane! Once you try it you will NEVER go back.

This year I will be going into depth about how to convert to a wonderful organic life without compromise and I would love to share this with you! Please join the Glamor Hippie email list before you leave today and you will receive weekly updates with news, recipes, facts, inspirations and a whole lot more. It’s going to be a brilliant year, you deserve it and I want you to be part of the fun!

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