Regardless of what wild or mild weather is happening in your garden outside, bringing a touch of nature inside will undoubtedly add a natural boost of goodness into your home.

Aesthetically plants add a beautiful interior design element, and with the varieties available, you can find one that works beautifully in your home. Thankfully indoor plants are making an enormous comeback and finding the right one for your home has become more accessible.

Something I recently became aware of was a long-term study showing a room filled with plants had a 50% reduced level of the number of airborne microbes and bacteria. The study also showed that plants naturally increase the humidity in the home, which can assist with nasal and sinus congestion. The increase in the humidity also helps with asthma symptoms.

Another fascinating fact indoor plants remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) aka toxins in our language every 24 hours.

But which indoor plant will work for you?

There are many to choose from, all with exceptional qualities lets talk about a select few:


This is the number one plant to go for if you are looking for a robust and sturdy plant that works very hard at keeping your air purified from some terrifying elements. The trusty spider plant filters formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and residual manufacturing chemicals from carpet and furniture from the air. Did you know your gas stove can be one of the most toxic appliances in your home? Gas stoves can emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Scary stuff, I was blissfully unaware until recently. It can have a very negative impact on our health. If you have a gas stove, always use the extractor fan when cooking and ventilate the room as well if you can. Adding a spider plant to your home will add that next layer of precaution.


Lavender is a tricky one to grow inside, but if you can, then go for it! Lavender thrives in full sun, and it does not like damp conditions.The scent of lavender is soothing; when grown indoors, it feels your home with the most beautiful aroma. Lavender can help with reducing stress and assist with symptoms of anxiety. Having a constant fresh supply in your home will leave you feeling centred.


This plant breaths life into your home. It works very differently from other indoor plants. This gorgeous plant kicks into overdrive at night. Most houseplants spend their day taking in carbon dioxide and converting it to oxygen. The snake plant does the same but at night. So, it is a fantastic addition to your bedroom, supplying you with fresh oxygen while you sleep.

It’s beautiful to have plants inside, and the added health benefits are not to be taken for granted!

What’s your favourite indoor plant?

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