Cravings, cravings glorious cravings. You know that moment when you have been craving something all day, you finally give in to temptation and unreservedly indulge in all its naughtiness. Only to come to your senses moments later and you begin to feel the heavy weight of guilt pressing down. The fleeting moment of pleasure the craving gifted you truly wasn’t worth it after all.

So how do we knock those cravings out of our tempted mind?

How do we dodge the guilt?

Can we scratch that itch with something more nutritious?

Yes, we can and here’s how!

Eat breakfast. I have written a post about the importance of eating breakfast, if you missed it here you can read it here. Eating breakfast is essential for setting us up for a successful day. Breakfast boosts your metabolism and stabilises your blood sugar. A healthy meal in the morning means you won’t be famished and caving into cravings that eventuate over a long day.

Plan your day. Take the time to prepare what you are going to eat for the whole day. You are less likely to suffer from cravings if you eat regularly. Don’t just take last night’s leftovers to eat at lunchtime if you know that by 3 pm you will be hunting down something sweet no matter what it is and how many calories it contains. Take a sweet treat with you. Yoghurt with berries, fresh cut sweet pineapple or a few fresh dates with a coffee (preferably organic coffee, if you want to know more pop over here) is a fabulous alternative.

If you are in the habit of snacking on high-fat snacks prior to dinner, or when cooking dinner try cutting up some crunchy vegetable sticks and enjoy with some hummus. You will satisfy that crunch craving and fill up on nutrient-dense vegies that we need to have a highly functioning body.

If you love dessert after dinner and it’s just something that helps you wind down after a long day make it something that is dessert worthy but a healthier choice. On the weekend make a slice that is packed full of fruit, nuts and fibre and sweetened with a natural sugar like honey. Portion the slice into individual serves to resist temptation (freeze the rest) and take one out of the freezer when you are making your breakfast, that way it will be ready to go when you finally sit down at the end of the day. I love to make my healthy ORGANIC CHOCOLATE MOUSSE it’s so simple to make and it tastes amazing! You can get the recipe here. It’s the perfect treat at the end of the day with a cup of tea, totally dessert worthy!

Quite often when we have strong cravings it’s our bodies telling us something. Perhaps we overindulge and our brains now require it to function without feeling stress, sugar is a perfect example of this. It can take some time to kick sugar cravings, sugar is addictive and giving up cold turkey can be hard. Having a balanced diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables will help you get through. Having a little honey and sweet dates can be very useful in calming your persistent mind when it thinks its sugar fix has been cut off.

If you find that you’re cravings are getting the best of you eating a balanced diet, eating breakfast, drinking enough water and getting the necessary sleep you need will make a significant difference. Having control over those temptations and not indulging in that fleeting moment of pleasure will allow you to bypass the heavy guilt, you will feel better, your body will thank you for it.

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