Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, Rock Salt or even Jurassic Sea Salt, these are all the names given to this unique, pink, delightful mineral excavated from the Himalayan mountain range. Well, to be more exact, it doesn’t come directly from the Himalayas but from the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan, from a place called the Khewra Mines (the second biggest salt mine in the world). Right from the onset you can see the unique charm of this salt, it’s pinkish colour has made it quite popular for a number of uses, and apart from its aesthetic value, it does have several surprising health benefits. We can’t possibly cover all of the detail in one post but we hope this article will serve as the gateway drug to your (hopefully) newfound appreciation of this amazing salt. So without further ado, here is the story of pink salt

The not so humble origins of Himalayan salt

Before we talk about anything else, the special history of this pink salt is quite fascinating and, in my opinion, worth a mention. You will notice how I said it’s called Jurassic sea salt. Well, that’s because geologists believe that the origins of Himalayan salt indeed start in the dinosaur age! 250 million years ago, during the Permian period, a massive sea became landlocked and evaporated under the heat of the Permian sun, leaving behind an expansive salt basin. Just thinking of it brings up images of dinosaurs crossing the massive salt basin. The colour is pinkish because there was a pink microorganism that lived in the oceans at the time which gave the salt it’s pinkish colour. Over the following few hundred million years the salt basin ended up at the base of the Himalayan mountain range, hence it’s other name.

No processing required

Himalayan salt is sold with minimal to no processing. Normal table salt and even sea salt usually undergo some sort of processing, including the addition of Iodine in the case of normal table salt. But pink salt in the Khewra mines was preserved in a very pure state as it is. Of course, not all pink salt that is mined from the salt mines is meant for consumption, but the salt that is, food grade salt, also known as A grade pink salt, is mined as is and safe for consumption. Not only is it safe but it’s quite healthy.

Health benefits of eating Himalayan sea salt.

Himalayan salt is packed full of trace minerals, 84 to be exact. That’s more than any other salt. It naturally contains Iodine, so it doesn’t have to be added. The pinkish colour is from iron oxide (rust), but don’t fret, it’s not like eating rust from a candle holder, it’s healthy iron and in the right dosage. It also contains a whole variety of other minerals that the body needs and are often hard to come by in processed foods. Because of all the trace minerals, the actual salt content of Himalayan salt is less than that of table salt. Which is good as it doesn’t overload the body with Sodium which causes bloating!

The marvel of salt lamps!

One of the least expected yet most pleasant uses of Himalayan salt anyone has come up with is the Salt Lamp. If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s basically a block of pink rock salt that is emptied out in the middle, where a light bulb is placed. The result is a magnificent, radiating warm glow when you turn it on. These lamps make great gifts, great home décor, and notably are said to have numerous health benefits. The salt from salt lamps draws in moisture and dust particles from the air, thereby making the air cleaner and purer to breathe. I’ve noticed the change with my own salt lamps if I have any congestion it goes away whenever I am near a salt lamp. This makes them especially good for asthmatics.

Being such a unique mineral it’s definitely something everybody should have a try if they haven’t already!

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