Thankfully today we are becoming more aware of the impact preservatives, additives, artificial colours and flavouring have on our health and more importantly our children’s health. We know that junk food is riddled with colouring to make it more appealing and this as a profound effect on children’s behaviour.

It’s understandable why. Did you know that synthetic dyes are created by burning coal tar and others are derived from petroleum by-products? Over the years many dyes have been banned because they were simply cancer-causing toxins. Today in Australia all additives undergo a thorough safety assessment before being approved for use in Australia and New Zealand, which is much better than what’s going on around the rest of the world.

But just because the synthetic dyes used aren’t going to kill us quickly, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to poison us slowly.

All too often dyes are used in products that you wouldn’t necessarily think, such as meat, sauces, salad dressings, cheese and much more. The safest option is to always read the label and buy the organic option if it’s available. Of course, the best option of all is fresh fruit and vegetables, they are rich in colour that is not only safe for us but necessary for survival.

Sometimes you do need a little colour in your food, how do you get the colour without the risk?

This week I made my scrumptious kid’s organic pancakes for breakfast. To make it a touch more fun and colourful I added a touch of food colouring. I used an all-natural food colouring that I purchased from my local health food shop. It is made with 100% natural fruit and vegetable concentrate and nothing else. This is a very easy way to add colour to cakes, cupcakes, well anything really. All the colours of the rainbow are available and they taste amazing.

You can also take it up a notch and make your own, there are amazing recipes and videos showing you how to make your own wonderful colouring. My favourite is this YouTube video.

It’s just awesome!

So if you’re looking to use colour in your cooking there are alternatives out there. Also keep in mind that colouring is added to numerous products you wouldn’t assume, so always check out that label!

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