I have been trying to write this blog post for days….weeks….OK, it’s actually been months! I had the idea, added it to my Glamor Hippie to-do-list created the colourful sexy graphic and then nothing, absolutely nothing. Not knowing what was wrong I continued to skip over it again and again. I loved the idea but the thought of writing it made me feel weird.

At this exact moment, I’m sitting in the cutest little beach shack, on a family holiday. A short break from our busy world. My hair is wet and unsightly wild, my face doesn’t contain an ounce of makeup. I can hear my kids down on the beach playing in the surf with my husband, squealing with delight as they get caught off guard with an unexpected big wave. Life is perfect. I’m happy.

During this break I packed several books to sink my teeth into, I love to read and find that time doesn’t always allow for such indulgences. The latest book on top of my reading list is Lilly Singh’s first book How to be a BAWSE. It’s just the kind of book that tickles my fancy, fun, energetic, motivational, relevant and written by someone I admire. I read it in two days and put it down knowing why I have been having trouble writing this post.

No trouble now, three paragraphs down baby. Thanks, Lilly!

However, I do need to pause for a moment to see what all the fun is down at the beach, excuse me why I go and get a little wet and sandy…..

OK, well life is WAY more enjoyable in the sand and surf, I wish we could stay forever but we will be home in a couple of days, life at home awaits.

When I finished Lilly’s book I realised something interesting, the last 20 books I have read have all been motivational, life-affirming, health conscious and you could say all around hippie universe-love kinda books. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a little unusual for me, I like to read a nice mix, but clearly not recently! Talk about having an aha moment. Was I unhappy?

Unhappy no, stuck yes!

It seems I have been reading books looking for the answer, the answer on how to feel better, how to be happy. I have taken it upon myself to research what others have to share, taking what I deemed to be useful. Clearly, I wasn’t getting what I was looking for considering I need a new bookcase to house my now very large self-help collection!! Sorry hubby you are going to need to put that IKEA bookshelf together and quick.

I now realise I was looking to be inspired I wasn’t looking for a set of rules on how to be happy. I am happy, truly happy. Just a little short of inspiration.

You see I am a busy Mum and all that entails, I give all I can give to all who require it from me. AND I have a profound gift of pouring layer upon layer of guilt on top of anything that I should do for myself. I prioritise everything else except myself and now I realise that it has been slowly killing my inspiration.

At this amazing little beach shack, everything that is a priority at home has been removed. We are living the most basic existence, I feel refreshed, energised, guilt free and with a shed load of words written finally inspired!

There are hundreds of books out there that tell us ways we can achieve happiness daily, have happy thoughts and live a happy life. I love that they all exist for us to enjoy. I was intending to compile a nice list of tips and tricks for this post, as you can see it has taken a dramatic turn from what I was initially intending to write when I first had the idea, but I love when this happens. The reality is we all have such different wants and needs to achieve happiness that it’s up to us to find what works. We are in charge of our own happiness.

I’ve managed to find what works for me, I just need to make sure that I make it a priority. I will come away from our holiday inspired, refreshed and probably still a little sandy but definitely happy.

Love HAPPY THOUGHTS? Or know someone who needs to read this? Please share away!

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