In this post I want to talk about my love of organic food!

My brother calls me the “Organic Princess”. I am often caught asking “is this organic?” or saying to family members “why don’t you buy the organic version next time?”. I also find myself in discussions with random people about the importance of knowing where you food comes from…………..apparently this can be embarrassing to my family members!!

Going Clean – Part 1 covered the process of changing household products over to the most natural, safe, chemical free, brands I could find. Part 2 is the process of buying and preparing the freshest, natural, chemical free food.

The biggest learning curve for me has been understanding how food is now grown, harvested, packaged, stored and sold.

Just by living in Australia we are better off than most. We have an abundance of wonderful fresh produce grown on sustainable farms. Also in Australia the pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables are monitored for us.

But I discovered the easiest way to ensure that the food my family consumes is safe, is by purchasing organic.

I started to buy organically-grown food because I wanted to eliminate pesticides, additives, antibiotics and any other chemicals found in non-organic food. Also I wanted to avoid any GMO food (Genetically Modified Food).

The easiest way I found to make the change to organic was to start with dairy.

I changed all our milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt to full fat organic products. The taste improvement was immediately noticed by all family members! I avoided all “low fat” and “reduced fat” products, I did this because I wanted to buy food closest to it’s natural state. Once the enjoyment of delicious dairy was happening, the rest was easy!


Next came meat. I found a wonderful organic butcher and only purchase meat from there. However finding an organic butcher is NOT easy.

organic lamb cutlets

Fortunately the large supermarkets have started to notice there is a market for organic meat and are supplying a very nice affordable range.

Then I started to hunt around for organic fruit and veg. There are some very expensive places out there, that are lovely to visit, but are not in my budget!!

Because organic is still a niche market it can be hard to source. I did discover online delivery options, this is only viable if you live in their delivery area. And again the large supermarkets are starting to supply organic fruit and veg, slowly, but they are getting there. Another option is farmers markets, buying organic straight from the farmer, doesn’t get much better than that! If you begin to look, you will find it.


Cooking and serving organic food leaves you feeling very satisfied. I take responsibility for what my family eats and buying organic makes me feel safe.

I now buy organic jam, honey, maple syrup, soy sauce, vinegars, baked beans, peanut butter, tin tomatoes, nuts, and other pantry staples. They are out there to buy! If you run out of something, replace it with an organic alternative, slowly over time you will change how you shop. Your family will be much better off. I also promise that the taste of organic food is wonderful, you will notice the difference and I know my kids do.

Below are some great sites to visit if you would like to read some more:

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Beyond Pesticides

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