Do our expectations have a major effect on what happens to us?

Expectations influence how we think and behave. Evolution has us programmed to have a negative expectation towards most life experiences. We are wired to look out for danger. As cavemen we needed to correctly assess a situation for survival, we needed to act cautiously at all times. Was that tuft of grass in the distance merely grass or was it a hungry ass lion hunting its prey? The cost for failing to identify the hungry ass lion was a pretty painful death I’m sure.

So we’re wired to be cautious for our survival, how does this work in our modern society? How does it affect us in work and social situations? Does this affect our reality?

Our expectations do have a significant part to play in our lives. The way we think has a direct influence on the way we behave.

Let me explain.

Take a young entrepreneur. Smart, talented and passionate about what they are creating. They are enthusiastic about all the effort required to get their business off the ground. They problem solve at every turn to overcome all the hurdles that are thrown their way. However, over time reality begins to impose its limits. It becomes hard. No matter how hard they work they don’t think they can win. Soon the situation feels like danger and the decision about what to do is unclear. Now the business is beginning to feel like that big ass lion in the grass.

There are countless examples of extraordinary people who have persevered against extraordinary odds and survived the lion. But for every one of those examples, there are just as many who were torn apart limb by limb.

Our reality needs to be equally balanced with our expectations. We need to know when to walk away or stay and fight. Our expectations have the ability to ruin our reality.

We all have the instinct to survive and this affects the way we behave in our day to day social lives, at work and how we behave in our family situations. Sometimes it can be a positive to take a step back and have a good look at the situation, regroup and view it as it is.

Keeping in touch with your expectations is important and be flexible with the reality. Life is a journey and every day we get the opportunity experience all it has to offer, do what you do but be sure to keep one eye on that big ass lion in the grass.

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