I am one of ‘those’ people that have my phone or camera ready and willing to take a quick pic of what’s going on around me. I love taking photos. I have albums and albums of beautifully printed photos documenting my scrumptious little human’s lives ready and waiting patiently on the shelves for the moment they are pulled down by little hands. Moments of delicious laughter usually follow, most of the laughter is from the naked baby photos of themselves, they always manage to create the best laughs.

If you have ever been out with me or had a peek at my Instagram account you would know that I’m fond of the old selfie, or two, or ten! I’m very fortunate to have fantastic friends who tolerate my narcissistic tendencies when it comes to taking pics of myself and I love them dearly for that. But don’t worry they love to remind me of my vanity and quickly bring me back to earth as a good friend should!

One of the many perks of being a blogger is that you have an excuse to take pics of pretty much anything anywhere. I get inspired by everything around me and will take pics to add to my collection of inspiration, occasionally they end up on Insta, but not always. I have never felt bad about having a love of capturing the moment around me. I grew up having to take photos the old fashion way, on film and I’m NOT old! We took as many pics as the film would allow, we then had to process the photos at a ridiculous cost and often they were terrible at best. So I love the freedom of digital photos and everything that comes with it.

I recently read an article that said my positive attitude towards taking pics of my experiences is helping me enjoy what I’m doing or seeing. It was a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that claimed those of us who take pics have way more fun than those who don’t take pics. They believe that taking photos can heighten the sense of enjoyment because it increases engagement. You aren’t just absent-mindedly going for your morning walk you are observing and taking in your surroundings.

So next time you feel guilty about getting your phone out to take a pic, don’t feel guilty, be thankful we can capture what’s around us with such ease and enjoy the moment. Even if it’s a selfie!

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