We’re all vastly aware that not all coffee is created equal. We have our favourite type, flavour, blend, combination and ritual when it comes to our coffee needs. Hell some of us even have a favourite barista that whips up our daily fix! You had better be ready for a “what’s going on here” stare if they aren’t behind that coffee machine when we enter moody and ready for our morning caffeine fix. This change wasn’t discussed! Who made that decision?? Where is he?? I know you’re feeling me on this one.

So this topic might be one of the more controversial ones I tackle. Unless of course, I decide to write about our need to give coffee a miss altogether! Full disclosure it could still happen. I gave up coffee for 12 weeks earlier this year. I read that giving up coffee can help with weight loss and I wanted to give it a go!

Interesting fact, you can GAIN weight from giving up coffee! Odds are I won’t be tempted to give it up anytime soon. I did, however, cut back from 4 a day back to a balanced 1-2 a day.

I aim to drink the highest standard of coffee whenever possible. Probably because I now realise writing this post I have a very ‘special’ relationship with it. This week I wanted to discuss the possibility and if the opportunity presents for you to buy and lovingly consume organic coffee.

Being organic is trendy at the moment. The word organic gets thrown around a lot in good and bad ways. But the reality is organic is the way forward and it’s not going away. And there is a very good reason for that.

First, I know you don’t want to drink pesticide, synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. So disgusting to think about. Coffee plants are one of the most treated plants in the world! Coffee is one of the largest traded commodities and farming methods have been developed to maximise production. We demand it, they produce it and we consume it.

The environmental impact of producing coffee in this way on mass is significant. Coffee beans that have been chemically treated are washed with water that seeps into the soil. This water reaches the waterways and then contaminates drinking water. The surrounding communities are deeply affected, it’s not something we are not considering when we order our morning coffee, but we should be.

Organic coffee farms are doing it so much better! To be certified organic they must be chemical free for years prior to being certified. They protect and flourish their crops with natural safe methods. They must also be situated far enough away from non-organic farms to ensure no chemical contamination is possible. They rotate crops, typically grown in the yummy shade of lush forests. Creating homes for plants and animals. Ensuring quality soil for future coffee plants whilst supporting and nourishing the ecosystem. 


The result of farming organic coffee beans this way? Amazing coffee! Coffee plants are aromatic, they absorb all the flavours of the plants around them or the long list of disgusting chemicals used to grow them. So organic coffee tastes different from what you are used to, it tastes as it’s supposed to be.

Now the health benefits of drinking coffee, not drinking coffee, how much caffeine is ok are constantly reported on and it can get confusing. The reality is we drink coffee. We desperately need to be much more conscious about what type we are drinking. For no other reason than our own wellbeing.

What can you do? Ask for it!

Buy it where possible, search for it and make the switch. Next time you are ordering your morning caffeine fix ask for organic coffee. The more demand the more supply.

You deserve the best options available to you. You’re worth it. Be part of the change, don’t accept the status quo. Even if it means finding a new spunky barista!

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