I have read numerous articles this year about how people are getting motivated with their health and fitness goals through social media. Instagram seems to be the platform that creates the most buzz around this topic. As an Instagram fan I can attest to the positive motivation it can create.

The online world allows us to select people that we want to hear from and view images that we would like to see. Unlike in our day to day lives where we are exposed to so many different people, news, ideas, conversations, stimulation, stress etc. Social media if you would like it to, can be a place of solace, motivation and inspiration. You can create it to be the way you want it to be.

I’m a person that struggles with yoga, meditation, pilates or activities that require you to be still with your own thoughts. Trust me when I say I have tried and failed over and over again. I now just accept it as something I’m not great at, hopefully over time I will get better. I find in one 30 minute meditation session I can cover off at least 100 things in my head that I need to do, conversations I need to have and pretty much plan a whole calendar year in my head. I don’t seem to have that capacity to switch off. This is actually OK with me at this point in time. I’m not stressed or overwhelmed. I’m content and composed most of the time. So this quiet moment isn’t something that I crave.

However, I do take a good moment to tune out if I can. I check my social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest during the day while I’m waiting for my morning coffee, waiting in any type of queue actually. Just a quick look, a few likes and I’m off. But I do dabble a little more when I get a quiet moment and my guilty pleasure really comes from Instagram. Instagram allows you to pick and choose who you follow, you are able to create a collective group of like-minded people that you more than likely don’t know from around the world. Facebook for me is much more about the people I have met, family members, new friends and old friends. Instagram allows me to create a little world connecting with people purely based on my interests.

This little world is somewhere I absolutely tune out, but it also motivates and inspires me. Unlike the typical activities mentioned above that create and promote a still mind, this tickles that part of my soul that makes me feel great. It’s my form of meditation.

I know this perception of what social media can be is odd. It’s still new to our lives and its place is still being determined by so many. I often have discussions with people about being on social media or choosing not to. These discussions are never resolved because the decision is so personal.

It goes without saying social media should always be used in moderation.

I love being outdoors, gardening and hanging out with my kids. Any time I can spend with my husband and friends is always a priority. I also love curling up with a brilliant book, any kind of magazine or watching a movie. The last movie I saw that wasn’t a kids movie, was Straight Outta Compton, that movie was awesome, it did leave me feeling way too gangsta whilst making the kids lunches and doing the school run that whole week though. But it made me feel good and that feeling is the same as I get from my social media world, I just get to do it that bit more often because it’s in the palm of my hand.

It’s important to take time out, we all know that how we choose to spend that time is up to us. I’m happy to dive into my little world for a moment, drinking in images and inspiration, tuning out all the noise in my head, only returning when the real world requires me back.

No matter what activity you choose, just make sure it tickles your soul, life’s too short not to have that little guilty pleasure.

Love, DOES SOCIAL MEDIA TICKLE YOUR SOUL? Or know someone who needs to read this? Please share away!

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