Ok, so I am going to admit I haven’t weighed myself in ages. I simply haven’t felt the need to check in. I used to weigh myself religiously. First thing in the morning. The daily judgement of my health and fitness. That little number with utter power (well large number if I’m honest) that would flick up on that stupid little screen.

When I started to make positive changes in all areas of my life, weighing myself stopped. I began judging my health by the quality of my sleep, my energy levels, how my clothes fit, by the quality of my skin and by my progress at the gym. At my last physical at my GP, she didn’t even ask what I weighed. she just commented on how well I looked!

I mentioned a few weeks ago in a post that my first world problems as making me fat! I have been desperately trying to get and keep all my healthy choices flowing. Even though I am still completely out of routine. My favourite jeans this week still don’t fit, I have been good, but clearly not good enough. I told my girlfriend at the gym that I probably need to weigh myself, to see what’s going on. It just popped out of my mouth, I hadn’t given it ANY thought until that moment my subconscious mind spat that little doozy out.

I had even taken my body measurements this week because I ordered a new evening gown online and need to ensure it would fit. The measurements were something from a rap song, 44-34-44, but nothing that was any kind of surprise. So why did I feel the need to weigh in?

I know and deeply understand that body composition is way more important than body weight. My logical mind understands this completely. Yet my emotional mind does not. I understand that the bathroom scale does not differentiate between body fat, muscle, bone, tissue, water, undigested food and “other waste”. It doesn’t take age, height, and fitness level or gender into consideration.

So why on earth do we feel the need to weigh ourselves? Why do we even own something that gives us such an inaccurate picture of our overall health?

I understand that for some people the bathroom scale is a daily/weekly reminder to be mindful of eating well, exercising and not overindulging. But these people are the minority. They are a VERY small minority that has a healthy relationship with the scale. If you are one of these people, I do admire you immensely!

What about the rest of us? The ones who have a not so happy relationship with that little demon, who sits on our bathroom floor calling us to stand on it, naked and vulnerable. Should we weigh ourselves?

The answer for me is, HELL NO!

Funny when I started to write this post I began to think about all the conversations I’ve had with my friends about how much we weigh. Don’t get me wrong we NEVER share the number. The discussion usually goes “I’ve put on 10kgs in the past 12 months!”. I’ve gained 20kg’s from having kids and haven’t lost it! If I could just lose 15kg’s I could fit into all those clothes in my wardrobe and on and on AND ON. Hours of talking about ourselves in kgs. I guarantee you if I asked any of my friends what they weighed at age 15, 20, 25 and 30, they could very accurately tell me down to the gram. Scary but so true. We have all grown up weighing ourselves and we have used that number as an indicator of how healthy we are.

The reality is we get slightly heavier as we get older. Our bodies do change dramatically after having kids and the way we look at our overall health needs to be MUCH, MUCH more than a number on a scale.

So am I going to weigh myself you ask? As I mentioned above, NO. I’m actually going to throw the scales out! It’s time to break the cycle, I don’t want my daughter to ever judge herself by such an inaccurate, unacquainted piece of junk that will do nothing to educate her on being healthy and happy with who she is.

I will continue to do what I am doing, having a positive relationship with the body I have. I will continue to eat clean, exercise, get as much sleep as possible, minimise stress and ensure I am the happiest person I can be for myself and everyone around me.

I am so much more than a number!

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