Last year I wrote a blog post about weighing yourself. I discussed my understanding that body composition was way more important than body weight. Bathroom scales do not differentiate between body fat, muscle, bone, tissue, water, undigested food and “other waste”. It doesn’t take age, height, and fitness level OR gender into consideration!

I knew my logical mind understood this fact, but my emotional mind did NOT. So I wrote a post about it. If you missed that post you can read it here.

This week I was going to write about another topic completely different from weighing yourself. But recently I’ve experienced the passion and conviction from some educated experienced people in my life (whom I adore). They have tried to convince me that it’s important to routinely weigh yourself and now I’m all fired up to discuss it.

My trainer tried to weigh me about 4 weeks ago. He tried and failed (he was never going to win that one! Bless him for trying, though). He was looking for additional data to track my progress. He tracks my training, but he wanted something more conclusive to measure my progress. When you exercise you will improve over time. When you exercise and eat well it combines with increased fitness and weight loss. I think it was his way of making sure I was doing the right thing with my nutrition. I eat very well. I just eat WAY too much of it! I have written a few blog posts about this as well over the years…….

So we compromised. He took measurements instead. I didn’t think his little tape measure would go all the way around the junk-in-my-trunk. I’m pretty sure there was only a cm to spare! I didn’t ask what the measurements were. I didn’t care. I truly did it to appease him.

I knew I had packed on a few kilos in the past 12 months. That’s why I was back training 4 days a week. I was having to wear my fat jeans and I was NOT happy about it. I didn’t need to weigh myself or measure myself. My fat jeans told me everything I needed to know!

But we now had the magic numbers and he was going to use them. If he hadn’t seen a reduction in those numbers in 4 weeks’ time, he would know that it was my eating and not his training. So I was being made accountable if I liked it or not.

FYI, if you want to motivate me, challenge me. I’m highly competitive. Even with myself. Not my best trait, but it can come in handy from time to time. So my trainer stood his ground and stated that if those numbers weren’t lower in 4 weeks, I would have to do 100 burpees for time. If you don’t know what this is, I envy you. For me, it’s probably the worst workout ever. The only word best to describe such a workout is REVOLTING. Challenge accepted buddy!

Fast-forward 4 weeks. I am no longer wearing my fat jeans and yesterday was measuring day. I was confident going in. I have been eating well and more importantly just eating a bit less. SO……. I had lost 27.5cm across my body. FAR OUT. I clearly was rocking some baby fat. I had no idea that I would have an improvement that dramatic.  

This got me back onto the topic of weighing yourself as a measurement of success. I firmly believe that for some people weighing yourself works. For me, it absolutely does not.

It’s important to have something to measure your progress if you are on the eating well/exercise path. But it can be whatever works for you. Skinny jeans, walking that bit further every week OR avoiding doing 100 burpees for time!

Motivation and inspiration are personal. Stick to what works for you. Staying authentic will only ensure your success at what you’re trying to achieve.

Everyone’s journey is different, but there is one thing that ties us all together, our mutual hatred of fat jeans!


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