Having a brilliant morning routine is essential to set up your day for success. I have read and listened to many successful people talk about the importance of establishing a morning routine. The routines have been created with an individual twist that maximises the benefits for the individual. From meditation, exercise, journaling, green smoothies and reading, or all of this and more! I’m working hard on getting this just right for me, it’s something I want to achieve this year and so far I’m getting better at it. But it does take time and it’s easy to slip back into old habits.

One of the most important aspects that I have noticed in my research into having a successful morning routine is not touching your smartphone. If we reach for the phone first thing we are instantly sucked into the world before we have had time to breathe. Reading emails, checking calendars and viewing reminders quickly take you from the relaxed state of waking to a state of urgency. Your day is suddenly dictated to by others and not you. Social media will then take up a nice chunk of the precious minutes you should be spending on taking care of yourself, getting yourself ready for the long day ahead. Not touching your smartphone until the work day will create a sense of calm and can carry you through the day making you more successful in what you want to achieve.

It can be difficult to implement, but it’s possible people!

Another very interesting fact that I came across whilst researching successful morning routines was US researchers found that when we are exposed to bright light soon after waking (like the light emitted from your smartphone), we will experience increased insulin resistance and display higher blood sugar levels. That means it can contribute to weight gain. You see, insulin resistance impairs the body’s ability to move glucose out of your blood and this increases the amount sugar built up in our blood, this leads to weight gain and potentially diabetes. Now that’s scary!

Smartphones disrupt our natural waking cycle and this has an effect on our physical and mental health. If you can leave it for as long as possible in the morning it will make a big difference! But if reaching for your phone before you have gotten out of bed is something that works for you then you must download a blue light filter for your smartphone. These filters help to minimise the light and the effect it has. However, it won’t hide work emails or social media feeds of glamorous holiday destinations, fit models running on the beach and amazing food porn on Instagram.

Make time for you in the morning, not your phone. Just think touching your phone before breakfast can make you fat……that will make you think twice tomorrow morning I’m sure!

Love, IS YOUR DEVICE MAKING YOU FAT? Or know someone who needs to read this? Please share away!

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