Having one of those days happens to all of us. Think about everything we juggle work, family, friends, commitments the list is endless. It can leave us drained, tired and cranky. We are accustom to our moods changing, we ride the hormone rollercoaster without a second thought and frankly, we handle our sh*t like pros.

Some days you simply show-up and show-out, rocking a top-knot and double shot.

Often these are the days you get the most done. They are the days you don’t allow that little negative voice in your head to throw shade at anything you’re doing. You don’t get stuck in small talk. You don’t care what anyone is doing on social media and you handle everything thrown your way like a boss.

Why do these days feel so good?

On these rare days, we allow ourselves to feel exactly what we should be feeling. You aren’t avoiding anything, you apologise for less (women often apologise in excess) you let it your day run its course and it feels good.

Women have an in-depth knowledge of how to deal with our emotions. This knowledge gives us a nice advantage over men. Emotional intelligence is very important when it comes to logical thinking and decision-making. We also have the ability to calm down from strong emotions quicker than men because we have in-depth experience in mood swings. It makes decision making, difficult situations, problem-solving and even developing strong friendships easier.

So on the days where you need to let you bitch flag fly it’s perfectly alright. You’re welcome to your day of owning exactly what you’re feeling and no apology needed.

If you see that girl at the coffee shop with the top-knot drinking a double shot with her sunglasses on inside, give her a small smile and a wide birth it’s her day and she’s earnt it.

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