Similar to chicken soup’s reputation as a timeless, staple cold remedy, bone broth has recently earned the attention of countless health, nutrition and paleo diet conversations, and for good reason. When we think of bones we may think of the framework or foundation of something. Fittingly, the nutrients, minerals and healing properties found in bone broth provide our bodies with fundamental healing essentials. The great thing about receiving these nutrients via broth rather than solid food alone is that they are more easily absorbed and digested.

As discussed by Louise Hay in her book “Bone Broth Secret,” bone broth contains immune-boosting amino acids such as glutamine, histidine, and cysteine. According to UCLA professor Irwin Ziment, cysteine can be helpful in alleviating bronchitis and common cold symptoms by clearing the respiratory tracts. Histidine, cysteine and glycine are known to reduce inflammation in the gut, making bone broth particularly helpful for those healing digestive issues as discussed by authors Hilary Boynton and Mary Brackett in “Heal Your Gut,” a GAPS diet cookbook.

Bone broth also aids the body’s capacity to repair and rebuild after exercise. Next time, after a hard workout, consider sipping a cup of electrolyte-rich bone broth with some added vegetables as a good source of rehydration (after your initial cool-down and refreshing glass of water!). This will rehydrate your body much more effectively than common toxin loaded sports drinks. Also, the amino acids in bone broth help the body synthesize muscle tissue, repairing post-workout muscles and building new muscle tissue.

Reducing inflammation and propagating a healthy micro biome (the bacterial make up of your gut) affects mood, brain function and immunity. An increasing body of scientific research is discussing the fascinating connection between what we eat, our gut health and how it affects our mood. Considering how bone broth can boost our gut health and thus potentially our psychological health, here are some simple and delicious was bone broth can be added to our diets:

  • Drink bone broth in the mornings instead of coffee for a more balanced boost.
  • Add a cup of bone broth to pre-steamed veggies and legumes or meats for a more complete nutritional meal that is easy to digest.
  • Try a bone broth fast for two or three days (but be sure to allow plenty of restful time) for a digestion cleanse.
  • Make a reduction sauce with the broth, using it to create delicious nutritious gravy for meats, potatoes or squash.
  • When preparing your bone broth, add a splash of vinegar to help dissolve the minerals from the marrow and bones into the stock.

Dr. Weston Price notes that amino acids found in bone marrow are known to help wounds heal quickly by promoting collagen growth. Also, collagen extracted in bone broth helps our skin and hair stay smooth, strong and healthy.

Unlike meat or vegetable broth that takes only a couple hours to cook, making bone broth entails an even longer process of slowly cooking poultry, fish, red meat or pork bones over the course of 8 to 24 hours, in order to extract minerals and nutrients from the bones and marrow. But, don’t be discouraged! Bone broth can be relatively simple to make despite its long cooking time. Next time you’re home for a long weekend doing catch-up chores, throw some leftover chicken, fish, or beef bones on the stove top in a couple quarts of water, and simmer all day. Afterwards, enjoy the nourishing broth as gravy, soup broth, or as a simple cup-of-tea before bed!

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