As the end of the year fast approaches some of us are just tired. Our Mojo has decided that it’s done for the year and will return when the New Year clicks over. We begin to question how on earth we get to this point. But it happens. You’re not quite at crisis point you just begin to get demotivated, disengaged and you’re not feeling 100%, you’re just too close to burning out.

The interesting thing here is, it’s not uncommon, in fact, it has become so common experts have given it a new name, brownout. Brownout is the term used to describe the part of the life stage of a star, it occurs just prior to a star before it burns out. The term brownout is also used to describe an intentional or unintentional drop in voltage in an electrical power supply system.

So going about your day will still happen, you are just not tackling it with gusto. Your tank is empty but you haven’t run out of fuel yet.

Are you feeling a little this way?

Here are some signs that you could be suffering:
  • Lack of interest in things that usually take your fancy
  • Not having your usual amount of energy, feeling exhausted either emotionally, physically or mentally
  • You are getting frustrated with simple tasks
  • You can’t juggle what you used to

Just enough to leave you feeling flat, tired and not yourself. The scary element to all of this is you are vulnerable and can too easily burnout, the tipping point need not be something major, a simple disagreement or upsetting moment can tip you over.

What to do:

First, accept that you are not at fault, it happens to all of us. Second, you need to identify what needs to change. Make an immediate plan to fix what you can between now and the end of the year. Ask for help, delegate and say NO to anything that will contribute to the problem. Even the simplest things can make a difference, like having a “no TV policy for a week”, instead choosing to go to bed and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Find what is going to work for you and implement it straight away.

With the summer approaching and the sights and sounds of Christmas around we should be feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We should be proud of what we have accomplished so far this year and excited for what the New Year will bring.

This year has been an amazing year and I want to end it full of life, love, energy and passion, the same way I started it. I refuse to let myself go from brownout to burnout. I’m a priority and I will take all the necessary steps to ensure I take care of myself for me and my family.

Remember it’s you who creates the kind of life you live, it is not enough to think it, you also need to act to make things happen. My absolute favourite quote and odds are it will be next tattoo is “Love the life you live, live the life you love”.

It doesn’t get much better than that! Take care and enjoy the ride.

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