The household debate can be intense, peanut butter or one of the new ‘fancy nut butter’ now available for us to change things up. I get the feeling that amongst kids there is no question that peanut butter is the only option. Peanut butter is also the cheaper option.

But what’s the difference when it comes to our health?

In terms of calories, carbs, fat, and protein both kinds of butter are basically the same. Almond butter has a slight advantage by having a touch more of the good fats, but nothing to get overly excited about.

The difference between the two kinds of butter comes down to the good stuff, nutrients. Almond butter has more vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and iron than peanut butter, peanut butter has its share but doesn’t pack a punch like almond butter does. Almond butter also has much more fiber than peanut butter.

Getting the kids to eat almond butter instead of peanut butter on their toast probably isn’t going to happen and that’s ok. You can always substitute almond butter in smoothies and cook when you would normally use peanut butter. Check out my almond butter protein ball recipe this week, they are a huge hit with everyone in my family.

The most important aspect when buying any kind of nut butter is to only buy organic butter that contains 100% nuts and nothing else. No added sugar or any preservatives, just nuts should appear on the ingredients list. Unfortunately, the peanut industry is one of those massive giants like the corn industry, it’s such a big business due to high demand, also peanuts can be tricky to grow, so crops are modified and pesticides are used to protect and maximise crops at the expense of our health. If it’s not organic then there’s no point buying it!

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