On Monday I had the privilege of spending the morning attending the Business Chicks breakfast in Sydney with special guest Sarah Jessica Parker.

Tickets for the event only went on sale a few weeks ago, significantly quicker than any other event! It was clearly short notice for everyone on the Business Chicks team.

An email blast was sent to all Business Chicks members, and I am fortunate enough to be a member. I received the email, and within seconds, I called my best friend Stacy, who is not only my bestie, but a business chick in her own right. She is the best Dietitian around! I called to see if she wanted to go, I knew she would but didn’t want to buy tickets without checking. I called Stace, no answer. 

 Bummer, do I just buy them?

 I called again, no answer. 

She works hard and if she doesn’t answer, I know she’s busy. She is also aware ignoring me is never an option! 

 What does one do now?

I paced around my office for a minute in a mildly panicked state then my phone beeped. Stace had text: What’s up? 

If I’ve called twice, it means something’s wrong. Instances I need assistance with could be anything from; HELP, I need perspective on something significant that has just gone down or can you grab one of my little humans from school or vice versa like the time Stace had a car accident and needed me to grab her little human. If we call more than once it’s our way of knowing to touch base quickly!

I text back: Sarah Jessica Parker is coming in October for Business Chicks!! I’m very much going to grab a ticket, SYD or MELB don’t care, wanna go? You keen??

Her response: Yes! Can’t talk right now though.

I required nothing further. I booked the tickets, booked a hotel, and I figured we could arrange flights when we get a moment during the week.

Life then took its usual turn and enveloped me in a whirlwind of incredible chaos, I adore everything in my world, but girl let me tell you it keeps me busy! So I popped it in my calendar and forgot all about it.

Then two days prior to flying to Sydney I was getting my hair done, as I was having my hair washed with my head firmly stuck in the hairdresser’s basin or purgatory as I refer to it, I began to worry that I had I not given any thought to what I was going to wear. This was not going to be an ordinary event, I guarantee there will be a roomful of incredible women with impeccable style! 

I scrolled through my outfits in my head as my hairdresser was taming my wild locks. The scene is not too dissimilar to the scene in Clueless where Cher’s computer flicks through all her outfits until the perfect one pops up. By the way, I have been waiting since 1995 for that technology, anyone??

I settled on my outfit and decided accessories were going to be my nod to SJP or in reality to Carrie.

Big earrings and my Tiffany handbag were my chosen fashion moments. Side note, my bag appears in none of the pics I took of the event, I, of course, put it down and completely forgot! I’m not a fashion blogger, so this fashion crime can be forgiven surely?

The event was like all Business Chicks events, full of energy, female empowerment oozing from all our pores and pretty at every turn.

The hosts Lise and Sarah (@liseandsarah) brought our Australian humour to the stage, and they smashed the interview with SJP.

I think a vast majority of the women in the room went to see Carrie but left loving Sarah. She is not the characters she plays, we know that deep down. But our emotional attachment to Sex and the City got our bums in seats that’s for sure.

SJP spoke to us about her experiences in ageism in business, she’s 54 believe it or not, she looks 40! How there is now a positive change happening for women and the #MeToo movement brought recognition to her own experiences and circumstances, even if they pale in comparison to other horrific stories. 

I resonated with SJP when she spoke of her relationship with her husband. She said she adored seeing him through others eyes, she watches people when he enters the room and their reaction sparks that adoration in her heart. It allowed her to really see him and remember why she loved him so much. 

All of the different business and career adventures SJP has had and is continuing to have was something to be admired, SJP’s words about why she continues to create and thrive in so many different ways have stuck with me since the event:

“I think curiosity is good for all of us. Especially today, when there are endless conversations about people who are different – curiosity is the antidote. Curiosity leads to empathy and a better understanding of people, places and cultures who are different. It’s good for the human race to be curious.”

The breakfast was in my eyes a 10 out of 10. I met some incredible women, I got to hear SJP talk about her life, her children, marriage, business and yes she did talk about Sex and the City! It ticked all the boxes for me that’s for sure.

Women coming together to share knowledge, experiences, talk about passions, and on top of that eating breakfast with SJP sharing her life with us, well that’s one way to spend a Monday Morning!

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